Messages from Young Adults

Messages from Young People on the Obama Movement

We posed the question last week,

“When you think about Obama, what comes to mind spiritually?”

You can read what our readers said below under the comments, and then read what some of our bloggers had to say…

here “Just Live Hope”

here “No We Won’t”

here “Yes He Did”

and here “Seemingly Meaningless Struggle”

We pray that you will be blessed by them.

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Please keep in mind that these opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and are merely opinion pieces reflecting on this historic occasion.

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  • Matt Angier said:

    Quite honestly, insecurity, and the cause is not rooted in President Obama but what the government has become.

    God placed man on this earth and gave them the “natural rights” of life, liberty, and persuit of happiness. These natural rights have been threatened by dictators and regimes for thousands of years. This country was founded by men who understood these rights and desired to establish a sovereign nation that protected those rights. They then declared their independence and brilliantly assembled a constitution that protects those rights, keeps itself in correction, and has given rise to the greatest nation in history.

    “Let no more be said of confidence in man, but bind him down by the chains of the Constitution”, Thomas Jefferson.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams.

    It is evident that virtue, morality, and religion are pivotal in the success of a nation. By losing one element, an individual begins to lose the others. In reference to the quote from John Adams, more and more of our politicians are finding that the Constitution does not suffice and would like to change it. (Please read the quote once more) If it is inadequate to govern us, that what does that tell you is happening? Thomas Jefferson understood this phenomenon and saw that if we did not cling to the principles of this country that we would lose our natural rights.

    Please pray for our President, that he may understand the divine providence of this nation.

  • Henry Atolagbe said:

    When I think of Obama, Spiritually what comes to mind is Jesus Christ. Obama’s life and ascendancy to the White House throne mimics the life of Christ closely. During Obama’s campaign, his character and reputation was put to the test with a grim intention to destroy him. Any wrong doings or statements made by his friends or mere associates, were used as direct weapon to bring his downfall. From his Pastor, to someone he related with while he was 10 years old, and others, were regarded as good destructive grounds to derail his ambition. At the end, God’s will was fulfilled. Christ was criticized, taunted, faced assassination plots but prevailed eventually. He finally bore the sin of the whole world. Similarly, the heavily weighted and battered American economy (two-third of the world economy) rests on Obama’s shoulder. In a world that cannot be satisfied, I hope Obama’s effort will eventually be fairly judged and appreciated.

  • Janice A. Becca (Author) said:

    (I got this message from a reader)

    Darren from Luton, United Kingdom says:

    Thinking of Obama’s inaugauration, I struggle to think of how I would see it spiritually. There are the obvious. Self help ones…Overcoming odds to achieve a seemingly impossible goal. Never give up!

    Apart from it being a cultural victory for America and a personal one for Obama, I see no other spiritual angle then there would be for any other president. In fact, as Adventists, a lot of what he proposes is what we expect to happen in this end time.

    Excitement, yes, because this is unprecedented, but it should be a marker to ourselves that end time is coming quick!


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