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What’s in a name?


Approximately 150 years ago on October 1, 1860 a couple of believers got together in Battle Creek Michigan.

Their mission: CHOOSE A NAME


I’ll spare you the history lesson and just pose a couple of questions.
(For an in depth story visit the report by Adventist News Network on this anniversary)

What does the name Seventh-day Adventist mean to you?

Does the name even matter?

As we approach this anniversary how has this name (SDA), or its people, affected your life?


Your thoughts are appreciated for this celebration.

Answer one, or answer all.

Just let us know and on October 1st take a minute or 150 minutes (LOL) to say a prayer for this name that represents a movement.

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  • Analizbeth Sanchez said:

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a Christ – centered, worldwide, religious community dedicated to serving God, sharing the Gospel and helping others. Seventh-day Adventist’s are people who take great joy in living according to Christ’s example of service and humility. The term “Seventh-day” comes from the observation of the Sabbath, the Lord’s day, on Saturday, the seventh day of the week. “Adventist” means the second coming (advent) of Christ.

  • ellamennopea (Author) said:

    Personally, I am excited to be a part of this movement. The name does have a lot of significance for me – it is succinct and definitive as well as distinctive and just enigmatic enough to catch people’s attention. I still learn a lot about this belief system every day, but I think the best part is that, as an Adventist, I am challenged to figure out Christianity on a deeper level. I admire our “founders”, but I am also in awe of the Holy Spirit and His leading throughout history. This church is significant for the times we live in and I just pray that the fire doesn’t burn out before truly setting the world ablaze with God’s love!

  • Oluwakemi (Author) said:

    Seventh Day Adventist Christians

    Christians: followers of Christ who believe Jesus was and IS the Son of God.
    Adventists: living in expectancy of the 2nd advent of Christ
    Day: each day striving to share the light we have received as we profess our creation which occurred in days not millenniums
    Seventh: remembering, living and proclaiming all the truth not just the comfortable parts

    Happy anniversary y’all
    and happy sabbath


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