Messages from Young Adults


Does this word sound familiar?
How many times have we waited for something?Is it waiting for a healthy home-cooked meal,waiting for the bus to pick you up to go to school, waiting for your results after a very hard exam, waiting for your parents to just buy you that first car?or most importantly, waiting on the Lord our God to make his will and way be done in our life?

As youths, this word is something that rings a bell to most of us. We get impatient when we wait for too long. I remember when i was in Senior High School back in Kenya,every candidate had to and still has to sit for the  National Examination from September to beginning of December then we would all wait until the end of February for our results.It was one of the most painful moments of my life, i could not eat neither could i sleep.I kept on asking myself what my scores would be like, i became impatient and often at times, i would have dreams about my grades. The same kind of feeling is what is going on today among us especially among the youths.

How many times have we become impatient just because we can’t wait enough?Have we given up on waiting for God?Just as the children of Israel could not wait for Moses to come back from the mountain, so are we christians of today not able to wait for anything patiently.(Exodus 32)

Satan has been known to attack our faith when we are waiting patiently for something to happen.He makes it feel like God does not care.There are times in our lives when we feel like whatever it is that we are waiting for is not happening and not worth the wait.Recently, with the recession, so many people have lost their jobs and they keep on waiting and hoping that God will give them another job.When the wait is too long, they give up and begin to wonder why God is not there for them.2nd Peter 3:1-4 gives us a chronology of the letters Simon Peter sent just to encourage his friends in the Lord on the virtue of waiting patiently on the Lord.He tells us that Satan will come to deceive us and ask us why we keep on waiting for something that is not coming and how we should not loose hope but to hold on to that faith.

We hear about ‘safe sex’.Is that really possible?Can a young woman or man stay pure (virgin) until they get married?How long can youths of  today abstain from sex?Waiting on the Lord has been compared to sexual purity.If we can stay sexually pure then we can be able to wait on the Lord to deliver unto us whatever it is that our hearts desire.

Remember that anything worth the wait is always sweet at the end.God makes it worth the wait, this is because anything good doesn’t come easily. One English saying ‘when the deal is too good, think twice’.In every waiting that we do, we should have this in mind.God’s plan for us is that he wants to bring out the very best in us and for this to happen, he takes his time hence the waiting.Just as David made waiting a part of his life, so should we Christians learn to wait as a normal part of our everyday  life.

To the youths, let us devote ourselves to doing the good we know to do and that we are able to do, while we wait. And most importantly,When God’s plan is for you to wait, He will make it all worth the wait.

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