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The cross is, perhaps, the most significant symbol throughout the history of the universe. Through it, countless numbers have given their lives to the Savior, and because of it, many have perished in denial of the King of kings. One constant through the ages is the ideal of faith, hope and love. Without the cross, these three concepts would have no power other than what can be defined within a dictionary. However, Jesus’ sacrifice sheds a supernatural light upon that which would have otherwise been a group of words.

The Desire of Ages has the most powerful relation of the story of Christ’s last moments upon this earth. When reading it, I found that Christ’s love was never more fully revealed than in His most excruciatingly painful moments. He took upon Him the sin of the world for no other reason than to save us from ourselves. His love was so perfect and so complete that words are futile when trying to express the depth of the love He feels for us.

If you really think about it, the whole reason He even created us was because He loved us even before we existed. He knew us from within and without before He even formed us. He knew what He would have to do before He even spoke this world into being. Conversely, once upon this earth as a man, He didn’t have one clue about whether or not He would make it out of this ordeal with any semblance of success. Once the Ruler of Heaven, he was subjected to treatment that not even the vilest criminal experienced. He became that which He abhorred so much just so that we would have a CHANCE to be with Him for all eternity. Even after His death, the assurance of all who were to ever live upon this earth was still only a chance. He died to give us a chance! Nothing, absolutely NOTHING was certain! Although Christ knew what His mission was, it was unknown to Him whether or not He could or would go through with it until He actually made His decision to.

The risk was so high, the stakes placed at such an astronomical height that all of Heaven wept and anguished over the pain of their Lord. Satan took this opportunity at Gethsemane to use all his unholy and depraved power in order to break our Lord and Savior, but to no avail. Our Savior, in full humanity, without the Father’s presence, withstood the fury of the storm that Satan’s onslaught wrought upon Him. It was in the garden that He saw our need, and in that moment, He acknowledged His mission and took those last steps toward His end. In this act of love, we were given hope.

This hope still exists, it points toward His soon coming. This hope was given to us through the cross of love on which our Savior hung. It is because of this that we have faith in His soon return. We must faithfully await our Lord’s arrival whilst doing all we can to seek and please Him.

Who would’ve known that three words carried such weight? If there was ever a time in which such concepts could apply, it is to this day and age that they would be applied. In an age where morals, beliefs and ethics are dictated by the almighty dollar and vanity – the world deserves a better example. It is into this world that God has called us to demonstrate His faith, His hope and His love.

If there was ever a question as to what could possibly appeal to me concerning my progression in my relationship with Him, it would most certainly be His love. His undying love for me is what gives me hope, and through this hope I have faith in His soon coming.

Never were there a group of words ever to be so purposefully intertwined with one another such as these. This, my friends, is the perfect trifecta.

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  • ellamennopea (Author) said:

    Amen! I am in perpetual awe of Christ’s sacrifice. What a beautiful thing to actually meditate on the act rather than just “knowing” that it happened. His love for us is matchless!


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