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Trick or Treat?


What are you doing tonight? Our house has been dark for the past decade or more, and there was never a question about what we were doing for Halloween, because we weren’t. It hasn’t always been like that though, before joining the SDA church our house was the creepiest on the block with mechanical witches and carved pumpkins on the front porch. This year though, I’m revisiting our notions about what to do or not to do on this day. Should our house be the brightest with the best treats to attract the little ones (you know, so we can slip the Gospel in their sacks)? With things like The Pumpkin Gospel:

My big round pumpkin shows me
God gives us a clean heart.
He will forgive our mess-ups.
He offers a new start.

…it can be a little confusing whether to take advantage of this opportunity to be a light in this dark night or to have nothing to do with it. Fall Festivals have become the traditional Christian alternative, yet maybe it’s best to just stay home and open the front door:

You are the light of the world – like a city on a mountain, glowing in the night for all to see. Don’t hide your light. Instead, put it on a stand and let it shine for all. Matthew 5:14 & 15

October 31st is the only night of the year when strangers come directly to your own front door.What an opportunity to reach those who don’t know God?!


But then again,

Most people think that imitating these things on Halloween is innocent enough since we are not engaging in the original practices or intent. Nevertheless, as we will see below, the Scripture repeatedly tells us not to imitate the evil practices of the pagan nations. For example, when it says in 3 John 11, “Do not imitate that which is evil,” it means do not copy it, imitate it or act it out.

(From, “Can Halloween Be an Entirely Innocent Practice?”)

So what are you going to do?



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