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Traffic on 1-70W

This is a very disjointed write up but there is a message if you can comprehend it, so please try and connect the dots. This past Thursday I ended up in a car with Junior ( my younger sister) and I have to admit that being a passenger in her car is a lesson in trusting God and curbing your tongue. Here’s the story, she picked me up from the Indianapolis Airport and in an effort to avoid the traffic she saw when she was driving to the airport we or should I say she decided to basically go around the bottom portion of the city. Now Indy isn’t that big so she added only about 15 extra miles to the trip but still 15 MILES to avoid a lil’ bit of traffic!!!!

Have you ever been driving, look ahead realize that there was traffic ahead and in an attempt to avoid being held up for a while decided to take a different route. In most cases the route we decide to take to avoid traffic is longer but we embark on this new journey because for each stop light and mile we pass we feel a lil’ bit closer to our final destination. Somehow we have convinced ourselves that being stuck in traffic on the freeway is much worse than a couple of extra miles within the city full of traffic lights, stop signs and bumps.

Fast forward to today, May 3rd 2009.
Today is my birthday and I am a quarter of a century old. Mercy, I am getting old and when you get as old as I feel you start to look at your life introspectively (okay enough of the psychological babble) I really think I am more of a stuck in traffic kind of a person for the last five years than a person who got off the freeway and is now meandering through the city in an effort to get to their destination. I’m not 100 percent sure which way is better but one thing I do know is that life is just like traffic sometimes, some of us get off the freeway and in an attempt to avoid waiting we have to deal with multiple traffic lights, pedestrians, and stop signs, others of us stay in traffic and end up feeling stuck, and then feelings of helplessness give way to frustration and despair. It seems that regardless of the way you choose to go you always see the person in the other lane as in a more advantageous position.

I could stretch this analogy a little bit further and launch into a story about how God is our GPS system and how the high occupancy lane requires that Jesus and the Holy Spirit be in your vehicle but I will spare you that today and just remind you that at the end of it all, all that matters is the destination and whether or not you are heading in the right direction. So if you feel stuck because you are on the freeway of life’s traffic or if you opted out of the helplessness and are now at the mercy of life’s milestones, signposts and stops signs. Breathe in, breathe out and when the going gets rough, tough or slow breathe in again, breathe out again and please stay in your car.

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  • Rhonda B said:

    Happy belated birthday Kemi!

    Your post really struck a note with me. Unlike you however I feel like I have been driving around trying to avoid traffic and ending up on side streets stuck behind crowds of people in parades, waiting on the homeless guys to push their trolleys completely over to the other side of the road, and hoping that the side road I am trying out will eventually take me back to a main road I recognize. I guess its a symptom of the twenties. But you are right, remembering the destination and keeping in the right direction is definitely the way to keep sane. I would also add the importance of paying attention – we never know what we might be learning through the process of the journey. Happy trails!

  • Mithun said:

    “please stay in your car”

    As disjointed as this was, it was still wonderful and part of what I needed to here.

  • kemi said:

    @ Rhonda B: lol, wow u took the analogy to a whole new level. vivid imagery i can almost see you honking and almost cursing out the school lady ushering children across the street.

    @ Mithun: yes stay in the car, those words are so what i needed to hear myself i wrote them down just so i could read them just so i could remember but anywayz i hope law school is going well and FYI you are my smart-people-i-know-that-need-prayer prayer list.


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