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The Great I…Was?

    Life often throws obstacles in our way that seem too difficult to overcome, roadblocks that force us to take a detour, and ditches that make us feel helpless. We look to our friends and our family for comfort and strength. We may find it but then life happens again. We try to look into the future only to find that much of what we think will happen, doesn’t happen. We rely so heavily on others that when they let us down we are crippled and unable to move on. Sound familiar?

    Ever lost a job and had to look for a new one when you thought the one you had was perfect? Ever been denied acceptance into the university you’ve always wanted to go to? Ever been heartbroken by the one you thought was the “one”? Ever been so saddened by circumstances that all you wanted to do was hide and cry in a corner?

    It is difficult to deal with the problems of this crazy world by ourselves or even with others. It’s just too much. We worry. We’re sleepless. We think night and day about it but it never makes our situation any better.

    You know, even the great David wanted to just hide away in a corner. Even he was running from the snares of life. But he, he went to someone we often keep as a last resort or give the least amount of time. He went to the One, the only One, that could actually give him the security, the love, and the peace he was searching for. He exclaimed, “The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear…For in the day of trouble, He will keep me safe in his dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle and set me high upon a rock.”

    David turned to God and placed all his trust and faith in the Lord! It is ironic that when we have difficulties and hardships in life we do not seek the Author of Life. When we have troubles and are uncomfortable, we do not seek the Comforter. When we are worried, we do not seek the Prince of Peace.

    With everything that people deal with nowadays, we must rely on the Lord. Friend, the God that delivered David from Goliath, the God that delivered Daniel from the lions, the God that saved Noah from the flood is the same God that can set you high upon a rock and deliver you from your worries and troubles. You must put your complete trust in Him!

    We have forgotten that the God of the Bible is the same God today! He can and will deliver us if we would only seek Him as we should! Instead, we devote all of our time to work, school, TV, the internet, movies, fashion, and games that we never spend time with God. We think a 2-minute prayer in the midst of our 16-hour day will solve our problems! When was that ever true?

    Friend! God is the great I AM not the great I WAS. What He was then, He is now. What He did then, he does now. We have not allowed God’s full power to be manifested in our lives. Why do we become so bogged down in life when we have GOD?! It’s because we haven’t been able to grasp how amazing our God really is!

    God is bigger than your problems. He is bigger than your struggles. He can carry you through them. So often we talk about how Satan tempts us and leads us away from God. This is all true, but if we were by God’s side in the beginning, Satan would be no match! He cannot defeat the living and true God! We have belittled God’s power and amplified the power of the devil. I am not saying that if we are by God’s side, we will not have troubles. Clearly, this is not true. Job perfectly depicts this fact. But even in the midst of troubles, we will not be shaken! We will not be moved for the joy of the Lord will always be within us!

    The last days are soon approaching. We are going to need more than human strength and comfort to get through them. We are going to need the strength of the Lord! If God is for us who can be against us?!

    Commune with the Lord daily through serious study of the Bible and prayer! Talk to Him! Ask your friends and family to help you in your study. I guarantee that you will see and feel a difference in your life.

    I like how Avalon puts it in their song, “You Were There.” They say this of Jesus, “You were. You are. And You will always be, the risen Lamb of God!” The God who has been there since the beginning of time is yearning to help you through the struggles of your life! Are you having an issue, a worry, or a struggle? Friend, God is here! He’s here with us and He’s always been here! Do not take this lightly! Go to the LORD! Place your trust, your life in His hands and He will set you high upon a rock! Go to the great I AM!


Focus Text: Psalms 27:1,5



  • Divs said:

    wow. It is certainly awesome to have a living God, the God of the present… the Great I AM! Thanks for putting things in perspective.

  • Sylvester said:

    Thanks Regie, I sometimes wonder why we dont have the faith like Abraham, Moses and all those Patriarchs. I think the answer lies in the fact that we look at God who WAS a God of Abraham and Moses back then and not the Great I AM of the twenty-first century.


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