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GYC: Day 4

Happy Sabbath! It was. Day 4 can be described as the most memorable and exciting day of GYC each year. It’s Sabbath! We kicked off the morning once again at 7AM with Justin Kim. His message was entitled “Beware.” Kim shared with us that he attended a Roman Catholic high school, and once observed another […]

GYC: Day 3

“The Fear of No Fear” was the message delivered by Justin Kim for our early morning devotion.  With Acts 4:13, 29 as the contextual background, Kim discussed how today’s youth have a lot of potential, but we are simply paralyzed with fear.  This theme of spiritual paralysis seemed to carry throughout the rest of the […]

GYC: Listen in here…

GYC: Day 2

Day 2 is the most intensive day of GYC.  Up until Thursday morning, there were no early morning devotions for me.  Bright and early at 7AM we were up and seated for the devotional message from GYC Vice President, Justin Kim.  In his message, “Wrongly Trained” Kim shared a compilation of all the mistakes/faults of […]

GYC: Day 1

Hello everyone. This is Janice checking in from GYC. I will try to keep you informed on my personal experience here in San Jose, California this year.  I’m not feeling well, so your prayers are much appreciated.   Start post.   This reminds me of a scene in a movie. Why am I running, why […]