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Lesson 6: Good Thinking

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things. (Philippians 4:8) If we could just do that . . . Someone once explained that negative thoughts are like little gremlins growing and […]

Lesson 5: Guilt

This week’s teaching is about guilt. I took a psychology class this past semester that taught me on how to differentiate between guilt and shame. Shame is a manifestation of guilt. Guilt has been defined by psychologists as the state of having committed an offense, crime, violation or wrong especially against moral or penal law […]

Lesson 4: Relationships

Lesson 4: Relationships

It really bugs me. I thought he was just a grumpy old man with issues.  The way he was so possessive, such a control freak, and over what – some silly unnoticeable church position. It was his duty to make sure things went just right in his department.  If you interfered without his knowledge and […]

Lesson 2: Anxiety

Lesson 2: Anxiety

On Sunday, she worries about what she’ll wear to work tomorrow. On Monday, he’s anxious about tomorrow’s evaluation.  On Tuesday, she wonders how in the world she’ll make it in time for Prayer Meeting. Wednesday he’s afraid he won’t meet his Friday deadline. Thursday finds her in a frenzy as she stresses over Friday’s parent-teacher […]

Lesson 1: Emotions

Lesson 1: Emotions

“She’s a live wire.” “He’s wears his heart on his sleeve.” “She’s so mellow…”

Lesson 11:The widow of Zarephath: The leap of faith

Anytime I hear the word or see the name Zarephath, I think of this Christian station based in Zarephath, New Jersey and almost every weekend, I volunteer my time to help them. It is amazing what faith can do and what happens when we take that leap of faith. How many people in the Bible […]

Lesson 9: Rizpah: The influence of Faithfulness

The concubine thing has always fascinated me. I remember first asking what a concubine was at an age when I was probably too young to have been asking. I was told they were women who men slept with who were not their wives. I came away not thinking very highly of these women. This week’s […]

Lesson 6: Uriah – Faith of a Foreigner

Love and loyalty are hard to comprehend when exhibited in their truest form.  The difference between David and Uriah was simply a matter of the condition of the heart.  Being faithful, being loyal – demands a pure commitment to the Master.  Many of us find ourselves being David, and may even stumble to keep up […]

Lesson 3: Celebrating Spiritual & Physical Fitness

The wise man said for everything there is a season. And if you live in Canada you know there are two seasons: winter and not-winter. For me the end of winter signals the start of netball season (think basketball for girls) and the start of five months of intense sporting activity that will undoubtedly force […]

Lesson 2: The Power of Choice

We stood in the middle of the grass in a circle.  Some hands-on-chin trying to figure out where we wanted to live for the next less-than-24 hours.  I had reached the point where I no longer wanted to make decisions.  I left this choice on where we’d pitch our tents up to the other six […]