Messages from Young Adults

Summer Series

If only summer would last forever, days away from July it seems like the pace of this summer would be as fast as the previous one.

There is something fleeting about the summer days, regardless of how much you manage to pack in each day, at the end you still feel like something was left undone. Some book not read, or some trip not taken.

So in an effort to combat this we choose to chronicle this summer by staying the course, bringing our attention to our core issues that the sun and sand shove into the corner.

Each week this summer we’ll feature articles in two simultaneous series.  Back to the Basics will feature posts that focus on the core beliefs of Seventh-Day Adventist that sometimes get swept under the carpet.

There is so much we don’t talk about around the kitchen table. There is too much we don’t discuss in our churches or with our parents. Our second series, Unspeakables will raise the volume on sticky issues that sizzle in our minds yet remain unspoken.

So join us on this journey to dispel myth, confront dogmas, and explore the depths of our beliefs.

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