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Stomping On The Violin

It was advertised in one of our large cities that a great violinist would play on a violin worth $1,000. The theater was packed. Many were curious and wanted to hear such an expensive instrument being played. The violinist went on stage and played very beautifully.

Suddenly, he threw the violin on the floor and then began to stomp on it, crushing it to pieces, and then walked off the stage. The people were shocked. But then the manager came on stage and said that the violinist did not really use the $1,000 violin but a $20 one. He would now play on the $1,000 one. And so he did. But few people could tell the difference. He simply wanted to show that it was the violinist rather than the violin that makes the music.

In the Master’s hands, even a $20 fiddle would make good music.

Friends, I came across this story recently and it really opened my eyes to look at certain things in a whole different way.

Sometimes or most of the time we take things for granted, specially the blessings and the gifts that we are blessed by God. We often times get carried away with the world’s praises and compliments that we tend to forget who the real master is and who really helped us to get to the place where we are today, or sometimes it is the other way round too, that we get so depressed, sad and disappointed because of the pressures that we face from the world. People recognize us based on things that don’t make any sense and treat us in a whole different way, that most of the times it ends up hurting us.

The world may look at us based on our physical appearance, our characteristic features, our family background, our race etc. and treat us accordingly. But I want to assure you all about a truth that is found in the word of God in the book of Galatians, which goes on to say “For you are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus” – Galatians 3:26.

Like the story mentioned above, regardless of how the world values us, if we all decide to take Jesus as the master of our life and let Him steer our lives according to His will, the music that will be played through us will sound as sweet as God’s own voice. At the same time, never should we forget the blessings and mercies of Jesus Christ all through our life.

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