Messages from Young Adults


Sabbath afternoon conversation around the black leather ottomon somehow leads us to healthy discussion about the status of our spritual lives. The stagnant status of SDA young adults seemed all too familiar after nearly a year of doing nothing. The question simply is where have all the early 20 somethings gone? Being one of two, three, or four has it’s advantages. You have acquired default friends considering you have no choice but to love every-one in the group. Opportunities for leadership never become a political skirmish. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one for crowds, but there’s no denying the weak point in the chain when it comes to people our age.

That’s when we decided that it’s time for something to take place. It’s time for us to do something to keep our faithful few, reel in the lingering bunch, and draw in more newbies. We’re on the brink of creating a slot for the young adult behind the doors of every SDA church. The ambiguity level may seem high. Just give us a moment as we formulate Something Significant, because your an essential part of bringing something significant to your neighborhood church.

Details to come…


  • Lionel said:

    I’m down with it! I know this article is old, but luckily I know that each comment will still be sent to an accompanying email address lol…February 4, 2011 is coming soon and I, for one, think this is a huge opportunity for us (as young adult SDAs) to reach in the community and grab those who are looking for truth. Those who are searching the scriptures, but seeming to always turn down the dead end street not leading to life. I’m happy to learn that the Great and Illustrious, yes I said, Great and Illustrious Prairie View A&M University is hosting one of the seminars for Houston For Christ. So, I pray God shows me those individuals He wants me to invite, because by March 2011 I believe the remnant people in this city will have grown tremendously and I want my friends, co-workers and classmates to be apart of that growth. For the first time in forever since I’ve received this message, I feel God is impressing an attitude in me that isn’t worried about the ridicule I know is about to come when I speak about the TRUTHS that I now know. However, I believe at least one soul, just one, will hear and reason with me. Then reason with Christ. Then attend a meeting and continue until they are touched with Heavenly understanding like I was a little over a year ago. I’m ready…I hope you’re ready. Leeessssss Goooooooo!!!! (YES! I know the T is missing lol)


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