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Smooth eloquence flows from educated lips behind a familiar lone mic. Words bring images to mind, and images bring words to life. The simple strum of the guitar strikes a chord of deep concentration. And the show begins.

I heard about the Saturday night church through some friends back home, and penciled it in for a visit about a month ago when I planned to be in town. I walked in and immediately fell in love with the concept. The church was so “unchurchy” in a good way. The location was in the middle of a shopping strip, but inside there was a designated space for worship and a designated space for fellowship. Two separate distinct yet connected environments perfect for that friend of yours who may not fit in with the church pew.

Towards the end of the one-hour worship, an announcement actually caught my attention. September 26th there would we a Poetry Slam. Of course, I volunteered our own Kemi Ola before heading back to Houston and a few weeks later we were back in Austin for the event.

The night was filled with worship and a study of the book of Revelation with Pastor Gordon Jones.  Then we had some down time in the lounge/cafe area on some comfy red sofas.  Finally, the Poetry Slam opened with a little rhyme, a lot of knowledge, some music, some video – it was fun, it was beautiful, it was real,  it was so on point.

God has truly blessed us each with a gift, and it’s amazing the people we can reach when we break the traditional templates for worship and just…worship. That’s what I see happening at the New Season Fellowship Church. Check them out Saturday nights live at 6pm in Austin (12636 Research Blvd) just inside the Pursuit Church.

In the mean time be blessed by what we heard from one poet, Brett Lee:

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