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Seasonal Seasons



We all are in the midst of this country’s most festive seasons of the year. Just wrapped up Thanksgiving with all of that family fellowship and great food, for which I guess some of us are still working out to shed that turkey fat (Non – Vegetarians), tofurkey (Vegetarians) and mash potatoes (I guess for vegans) not quite sure, But I guess you get the point.


Next coming up soon right around the corner is Christmas – shopping gifts for loved ones, Carol singing, setting up the Christmas trees, all of that Christmas spirit in the air. Not to mention that the poor and needy consider the Christmas season to be one of their top favorites, since that’s when they really feel special. That’s when they feel like God takes time to have mercy on this group of people, because of compasssion filled Christmas activities like homeless feeding, gifts for orphan kids, special visits by church members to hospitals and elderly care homes etc.(All that good stuff happens more often this month, than any other month of the year)


Then it’s time for the most amazing experience, when the whole world enjoys bidding farewell to 2009 and then says ‘Hellooooo 2010’! The New Year’s Eve parties and New Year’s early morning service at churches praying for a good year. The time of the year, when all of us look back into our past to see if we have something to learn, something to cherish and something to never forget, we also write down our new year resolutions with the hope that we will change and see ourselves as a new person.


Ahhhhhhhhh………and the routine continues year after year like 2007, 2008, 2009 and now in couple of weeks 2010.


As Christians, in our spiritual walk with our Lord Jesus Christ;

Do we have seasons of spirituality?

Do we have specific times of our life when we feel like getting close to God?

Do we have mood swings as to when to serve the Lord?

Do we wait for opportunities to help the poor & needy?


Sadly to say, some of us do.


My dear brothers & sisters, the word of God says “preach the Word; be instant in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine” II Timothy 4:2   


We are not called to wait for specific time and season of the year to worship and serve our Lord Jesus Christ, we are not called to show our love to our enemies only during social gatherings, we were not chosen to share our resources with the under privileged people only during the time of giving gifts.


We sometimes behave as seasonal Christians, serving the Lord and proclaiming His gospel only on the day we go to church, rather than being Christians 24/7 all our life.

We often wait for seasons to come by (like Christmas, Thanksgiving etc) to help the poor and needy, when God has called us to serve and help the helpless at all times.


My dear friends, Christ’s birth on this sinful planet and His priceless sacrifice at that old rugged cross was not meant for us to live our lives as part time Christians, but rather exemplify His name by living everyday for His honor and glory.


So, let’s not be seasonal Christians, but be a Christian through all seasons.

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  • Kemi said:

    well said
    someone smart once said that the best thing to do is to celebrate the ordinary days
    it seems like we excel at the birthday and holidays but appreciating people and God on the regular days requires effort

    so thanks for the timely reminder


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