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Scared to Be Adventist

adventist_logoWhy do we have a Seventh-day Adventist denomination? What is it that we offer that other denominations of Christianity do not have? Church membership has not been growing like it used to. The youth seem to be more excited about evangelical Christianity as opposed to anything “Adventist”. Many youth have fallen into the, “What does it matter?” mindset. Is there any longer a real need to be an Adventist as opposed to just Christian?

The modern-day idea of relativism has sucked many Adventists in, especially younger ones, to believe that it’s nice to be Adventist but it’s not much different from the beliefs of other Christians. Is that true? Do the only differences between us and other denominations have to do with the state of the dead and the Sabbath? If that’s the case, we might as well not have a denomination! There are others who already know these things.

In the beginnings of the Adventist church, which came out of the Millerite movement, people were in deep Bible study before and after the Great Disappointment. Soon they realized that they had a message to give to the world – a unique message. A message for the last days! They were preaching this newfound truth everywhere. Prophecy was being taught in ways that were not known previously. God unlocked the book of Daniel and Revelation and revealed it to man. The end-time message of Jesus’ soon return was preached and taught by young and old. There was a fire, a passion.

We have lost some, if not most, of that fire and passion. We have gone astray from the true teachings of the Bible. We are so afraid of sounding legalistic and arrogant that we just preach the same sermons the Evangelical world preaches and teaches. We are so afraid of saying words like, “judgment”, “investigative”, “Sabbath”, “last days” that we have become another common denomination who just wants to be separate for the sake of being separate. I am not saying that preaching and teaching the world about the love of Jesus is useless. Far be it from the TRUTH. But we have convinced ourselves that that’s all that matters. We fail to realize that the love of Jesus is in judgment, the Sabbath and prophecy! It is not, and never should be, separate.

Unfortunately, society has made it so. You see the modern world is trying to paint God into Santa Claus when He’s not. He is the Almighty who is to be feared and revered. He is not just the Mediator, He is also the Judge. He builds up and He takes down. The same God that showed mercy to Nineveh is the same God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. The same God, who died on the cross for our sins, will destroy those who choose not to be on His side when Judgment Day comes. That’s the facts. You see, He is the Lion of Judah, but also the Lamb of God that was slaughtered. He is merciful, but He is just. We cannot give the world half a Gospel. The Gospel is not just the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Good News is found in the entire Bible! The Sabbath is Good News, prophecy is Good News, and judgment is Good News. Why? It is because Jesus is the center of all those things and more. He is the center of the entire Bible! He is not contained in just the first four books of the New Testament.

Now, there is a danger of becoming so “Adventist” that we are no longer Christians. You know what I mean? We get so engulfed in the doctrine of the Adventist church that we don’t show the love of Jesus. We become Bible-thumpers instead of Bible-revealers. Some people become so engulfed in Judgment that they walk around telling everyone they are going to Hell. All of our Adventist teaching must be connected to the root, which is Jesus. The center of all of our teachings must be Jesus. However, we must not shy away from teaching others the truths that have been revealed to our church for this day! We have a message no one else has and we must share it with the love of Jesus in our hearts!

Friend, why are you an Adventist? Do you truly know what that means or have you just accepted it since childhood? Some truths in the books of Daniel and Revelation were sealed up for time, but they have been unsealed. Do you know these truths? I’ll be the first to admit that the Adventist church is not perfect nor are its members. However, the Biblical truths that the Adventist church has cannot be refuted when thoroughly studied. I encourage you to learn them so that you may draw closer to Jesus. You will be astonished. The best thing the Devil could have done is to make us believe that we are not a Church with a message to be preached. That way no message would be given to the world and he would destroy more souls.

Let us not let that happen! Study the prophecies – 2300 day prophecy, 1260 day/42 month prophecy. Study the investigative judgment and the 3 Angels’ Message. Study it all not to be “more” Adventist, but to learn more about Jesus. Keep Him at the center of your study and you will see that this is not separate from the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is part of it. Learn what this last day message is all about. Then don’t just sit and study, spread it. Don’t be scared to be a Seventh-day Adventist!

*For more on this topic read “The Apocalyptic Vision and the Neutering of Adventism” by George Knight

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  • Rhonda B said:

    Interesting post Regie. Definitely a lot to think about. But it is true that tthere is a growing struggle about whether to emphasize the things that make Adventists different or emphasize the things that make us the same as other Christians. And truthfully even some of our own leaders are not sure where to draw the line. We definitely need to study more and know who we are.

  • Kemi said:

    Am I scared to be Adventist?
    Hmmmmmm. No. I really don’t think so.
    Do I go around preaching about the end of time and prophecy?
    Hmmmmmm. No. I really don’t think I need to.

    Now I’m stuck, cuz i need to believe that both of these questions I answered truthfully
    So i ask more questions

    Is it possible to be Adventist, believe what we believe and not share it at every opportunity?
    Is it possible that my life speaks more than the doctrine and so i don’t have to preach it?

    So yeah
    Regie you have mii stumped cuz i find myself asking these questions and more

    As for George Knight book, it’s already in my Amazon cart waiting to be checked out. You are third person to mention it in the last couple of weeks.

  • Regie Samuel (Author) said:

    Hi Kemi,

    Great questions. First off, I think it would be a bad idea to just go on a rant about all that separates us from other denominations and preaching just about end-time prophecy. Mrs. White warns us against doing such a thing quite often in her writings because she saw how people were turned off by the “Bible-thumpers”. What I am saying is this. First and foremost, we must reveal the love of Jesus in all that we say and do. When witnessing to someone, it is best to establish a relationship with that person through a loving attitude reflective of Jesus’ love. They should trust you as a person and see something different from what they see in others. However, when the door is open it is our responsibility to share with them the truths about prophecy and sounding the trumpet of Christ’s soon return.

    Yes, your life can speak more than just preaching, obviously. However, there is only so much that just living the word can do. Yes, people can see a difference in your character, but that doesn’t address the knowledge that must be shared with those who are searching for truth is revealed. When it comes to disseminating knowledge about the coming of Christ, words will be necessary. That is not to say that words are more important than actions. But we have to stop telling ourselves that all that is necessary is our actions. The truth is teaching and instruction is part of being a witness.

    Lastly, my opinion is this. People are looking for something to believe in. People are interested in truth. More than just a surface reading and understanding of the Bible. Of the hundreds of denominations there are, we have to be unafraid of the things that make us different. Being entrusted with a message to warn the world of the 2nd coming of Christ is part of what we need to reveal to world. I think many Adventists would be surprised as to how many people are interested in the message, the eternal Gospel we have.

    Remember, witness at the moving of the Holy Spirit. Not just out of passion and excitement. Witnessing is important. The integral player in witnessing is the Holy Spirit. I know I said a lot now. But any other concerns? What do you think?

  • rodrigo palma said:

    after reading this article I’m thinking about getting a tattoo with the adventist flame :))

  • SybilTheGreat said:

    So where does the doctrine of Christ play into all the Adventist mumbo jumbo? He is not enough?

  • cecil's said:

    Elder Folkenberg once asked why we are so afraid of adventisim?

    Where do we even get the idea that teaching Adventist doctrine will be inturpreted as “bible-thumping”…

    …I would purpose that it isn’t …. we’ve simply been so self-centered (as a church and cultural niche) that we assume the teaching of doctrine has no influence on the unbeliver. The only people to have ever taught us these doctines occupy places of authority in our Adventist centered lives. Consequently, we have equated these doctrines with “the man.”

    It is not surprising, given the sinful nature of man, that the natural inclination to rebel (temptation) has manifest itself as a rejection of formal doctrines….

    Your article implies what I believe is the important question … Has the holy spirit left the church?

    All doctrinal preachings can be interputed as “bible-thumping,” however it is not “bible-thumping” when any such preaching is accompanied, influenced, precipitated, inspired etc. by the Spirit… for the Spirit has the power to convict in the sinner their need of Christ. We must be vigilant to leave this responsibility to the Spirit.

    We need to share the gospel in Spirit and in Truth. Preaching spirit divorced from truth leads only to deception… and visa versa.

  • Tre said:

    ahaha….i googled “adventists and relativism” and found this…go figure…
    This is a good one Reggie, i just finished reading Knight’s book that you mentioned.
    Alas, i probably can’t use this for my research paper…=P
    See you Christmas or something..


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