Messages from Young Adults

Sabbath lunch, anyone?

Pastor Cork just sent out this link discussing perhaps one of the largest overlooked portions of our church congregations. Check out “The Invisible Majority” in the Adventist Review.

If you attend a church in an area with a university, pay special attention to young visitors who step through your doors. Scan the congregation and greet those you don’t know. An invitation to lunch can go a long way toward making a college student feel at home in a foreign environment. It’s not just a nice thing to do; it’s a responsibility we have to one another.

And btw, our first ACF Houston event was an awesome start to something great. We had students and young adults from 3 Houston area churches, and the only thing missing was you.  If you are in Houston, attending a public school, we see you.  ACF Houston has a place ready and waiting for you!



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