Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 8: Rest



Sunset to sunrise
A 24 hour block of time?

Church and potluck
time tick tock
clichés and critiques

Burden or blessing
Pain or pleasure
task or treasure
what is the Sabbath to you


Is it a chore you abhor
Or done to adore the savior
A day to “hang” with the your chosen elect
or a day to connect and reflect
what is the Sabbath to you

We legislate and postulate
we try to maintain it
restraining, restricting we cannot contain this gift
and so it shrinks into the oblivion of legality.
one more rule, one more obligatory ritual to be checked off  our list
if only we can see what has been dismissed.

In it, we are suppose to rest from the struggle, from the pain
and proclaim our Father’s name and celebrate His universal reign.
Basking in His love we should be individually compelled to radiate it
without having to be asked, begged, cajoled or forced to share it.
In His presence, His sanctuary we would choose to remain a lil’ bit longer
‘cuz He created this day just to chill, just to be, just to relate to you and mii.
Each day brighter, each burden a lil’ lighter because of this gift that transcends the time it fits in.




i tried to get the last line to fit on the line but i couldn’t do that without changing the content, without altering the meaning.
and that got me thinking. i really wanted the first section to have 1 line the second 2 lines and so on but the 7th section the climax just wouldn’t fit on a 7 lines L
i don’t have the answers but i know it’s not the box we’ve made it,
just like I can’t fit all my thoughts on a line we can’t limit the Sabbath to a checklist.
we love to tag things, and limit them and put them in cookie cutter lil’ shapes
and the Sabbath has suffered from our need to organize and fit things into lil’ boxes
so this sabbath consider the box and then consider the God who shouldn’t be in a box
and then contemplate how your boxed up day restricts the boxless God.

happy sabbathJ


  • Nyasha said:

    We need to quit qualifying our religion through deeds. We have become very good; no, masters at doing this. I am guilty at times too. True Sabbath keeping is borne of a healthy, vibrant relationship with your Maker.

    We are able to spend endless amounts of time with those we love…
    I guess we may not really relate to Him with Whom we can’t do the same…

    Food for thought…


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