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Proverbs 30:18-19 says that;

There are four things that are too

Mysterious for me to understand

An eagle flying in the sky

A snake moving on the rock

A ship finding its way over the sea

And a man and woman falling in love

Just the same way the writer of the book of proverbs tends not to understand how a man and woman fall in love so is someone like me as a human being. How do we end up marrying the people we have in our lives? Is it that we love them or is it that we married them because we had no other options?

It has been said that most young adults spend less time seriously considering what they want from a relationship than on what they spend on what clothes they will wear.

If you want to find someone to love you, with whom you can have a satisfying, nourishing relationship, one must have a plan of action. And the key important thing that we need to know is that to prevent getting involved in an unhealthy relationship and the tragedy that follows is to slow down.

Slowing down romantic relationships allows time to carefully to analyze our emotional health and emotional readiness of your dating partner and provides an opportunity for hidden difficulties to appear.

We as youth need to know that successful romance is most based on the feelings of our self worthiness and our ability to know that we are adequate. And for this to grow, one needs to first achieve success in the relationship they have with themselves and feel that they are both lovable and worthy.

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  • Janice A. Becca (Author) said:

    Wow Neema, we are so glad to have you join our team! This post truly ministered to me this evening. It’s a sensitive and relevant topic. God bless and you continue to minister through adventistYA.

  • Neema Okal said:

    Thanks Janice, i am happy to do what i love, write. Hope all of us youths will put all the above into consideration

  • Kemi said:

    when you started writing and i started reading
    which doesn’t make
    but yeah what im tring to say is that you had my thoughts
    on paper

    so thanks for this

  • Neema Okal said:

    you are welcome, now and always


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