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Pushing Mute

Once upon a time, five girls made their way to a pretty white chapel in the country.  These five girls went inside to find three beds, a big kitchen, and large comfy sofas with tissue boxes scattered about in places meant for crying.  The sun had set and storms rolled in rattling the windows all through the night.  In the morning, they woke to a peaceful serene.  Outside the creek was rushing with water, the chimes were singing, and the wind whispered past them.  No one could speak.  It was Sabbath.  It was God’s turn to take the mic.

We often talk about silence in relation to God not speaking to us or directing us or showing us or teaching us or whatever it is we expect to hear from Him.  But do we ever consider that perhaps we just haven’t shut up long enough to really hear Him?

“To hear God’s voice, turn down the world’s volume.” Those are words from a text my godfather sent me just about a month before he was killed.  I won’t forget them, and I keep them  on repeat especially after my experience with these four other girls.  We cooked together, we ate together, we walked together – all in silence.  The day was spectacular, because it was time to tune out even the noise of our minds’ incessant chatter and tune into God.  Whether it was via His word or a singing bird, we each found Him – or maybe He found us.  We could truly feel His presence.

It’s an experience I can’t articulate well enough to substitute you’re own experiencing it.  I shared the details of my encounter in an email, and an old professor felt the ripple effects sharing, “I have not felt such peace in a very long time.” And yet, it’s is the experience our God desires for us every 7 days when He says, “Come away, Come and spend some time with Me, Come away.”  Pick a Sabbath and push mute.  Do it with friends if you can.  Get disconnected so you can connect.

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  • Rhonda B said:

    I had a friend who did this over New Year’s. She drove out of town by herself and spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with herself and God. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the year. Was planning to do the same this past New Year but that didn’t happen. But it’s definitely still in the plans for the future. No time with Him is ever fruitless.


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