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Preferred Exit Strategy

Ever thought about how you would like to go out? I mean, if you could plan your own death how would it be? I started thinking about that this week after a friend of mine caught up with his expiration date unexpectedly. The circumstances, as peculiar as they may be, illustrate a notable death never to fade from those who learn of how a fellow Adventist left us.

“A group of seventh-day Adventists are praying for a miracle after a lightning strike leaves one of their missionaries in a coma. Miami-Dade Air Rescue transported Hailu Kidane Marian, 40, to Jackson Memorial Hospital Sunday after he was struck by dry lightning while selling religious books. According to one customer, a lightning bolt struck  as he walked door-to-door selling books along Northwest 199 Street and 78 Avenue Sunday afternoon. “I was buying a book from one of these guys, and there was one thunderstorm and thunder and then the second thunder, which was the lightning,” explained Maria Martinez. “It was like a gunshot, and, when I turned around, I saw like a cloud of smoke and this one guy jumping, like basically being slammed on his feet. I guess he just fell back.” – WSVN.COM

Today, that miracle may not have been a medical mystery, but perhaps Hailu’s testimony serves as a wake up call to those of us walking around in fear of being struck by lightning. We know that our lives aren’t in the right place, and we need to straighten things out…just on our own sweet time. I learned of Hailu’s death earlier today from a close family friend of his.  In considering the facts, here’s a guy visiting a country other than his own spreading the Gospel.  In the very middle of him taking the Word to the streets, he’s taken out with one deadly strike. As a missionary, what better testimony? What better strategy to leave this planet than with your last breath honoring and glorifying the One it’s all about?

Even in his death, his dedication to Christ in his life story lives on and has touched the hearts of many. It’s unfortunate…this sudden tragedy. But when I consider the widespread coverage of what was supposed to be just an ordinary missionary’s venture into America…I know God must have been the mastermind behind this exit strategy.  He will be remembered for his passion. Please pray for the family, and pray for those of us who remain as stagnant “Christians” waiting to be jolted into action.  



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