Messages from Young Adults

Prayer life (First attempt)

Empty Glass

Can I be real with you?

You sit there,
Now, your hands wrapped around that glass;
Now, tapping on the table and echoing the seconds as they tick by.
The rain outside delays your retreat,
Somehow, I know you’ll stick around and listen.

Can I be real?

Yesterday, the pile that’s been growing
Up up up
For so many years began to wobble again.
I knew that if I even breathed funny,
If I stopped running, or jerked in a certain way,
The whole porcelain castle would implode.

Are you still listening?

The waitress left the check –
It’s fine, she’ll take care of us when we’re ready…
We don’t need to rush.
We can stay here all evening.
Do you want some more water or something?
Sorry, I can’t really form the words right now.
You’re sympathetic, but do you really hear me?
Or, are you just someone else who is obligingly optimistic,
Patting me on the back and telling me
“Everything’s gonna be all right”
While you check to see how many voice-mails you’ve missed?

Can. I. Be. Real?

This rat race is not for me.
This dance that I’ve been dancing?
Crazy tiresome charade, man.

(I’m so tired.)

Where is the hope you promised?
Or, did I read about that somewhere –
Maybe you didn’t even say it, I’m sorry.
Whatever, like I was saying,
I don’t know what’s going on with me
These days.
It’s like every little decision
Turns into a major thesis dissertation on
My life direction.
I’m freaking out here, but it’s like my brain
Is detached from the rest of my body
And I can’t even tell my feet where to go next.

Oh hey, did you see that new show on
Last night? It was really good…
Sorry, what’s that? Oh, what was I saying?

I forgot…


Can I be real with you?

Photo: Kijana