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Pray for You

i want you to know that I’m praying for you and Chappy today

that’s all the text said and surprisingly that was enough to get mii thru the day, knowing that somewhere someone was praying about the issue that matter the most to mii, just gave mii peace. i don’t know call mii weird but i still have the text 3 months after the fact

some days i don’t pray ‘cuz it hurts too much
and it’s good to know that i have friends that are praying for mii

so this is a shout out to anyone who needs prayer
whether you have prayed today or have just cursed today
drop a line and let us petition God on your behalf
you don’t need to add your name, the beautiful thing is that God knows who you are

so yeah

have at it


  • Janice A. Becca (Author) said:

    1) let’s pray for my friend & her baby warren romeo on the way

    2) let’s pray for brianna, a little girl admitted to the hospital yesterday

  • Tosin Ola said:

    Who is Chappy?

    Pray for your ‘rents that they stay healthy and strong:)

  • Scheri said:

    1) my sister and her husband

    2) our plans

    3) summer classes and exams

  • Kathy said:

    1. That the Lord will make His path for us completely clear and without any doubt.
    2. That He provides a job for me that does more than pay the bills.
    3. And if it is in His plan for us to move, for us to find a buyer for our home that allows us to leave without paying too much out of pocket, or any at all.


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