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Please God

Please God, try me… (Have you ever mentioned this?)

In our lives, at every stage we tend to learn new things and we also experience interesting things. Sometimes, things that we come across and experiences that we encounter teach us something or some of them just tend to be one of those passing clouds, about which we don’t want to even think about. Life has its own twist by itself and every day has something new to unfold or something old that is waiting for its own reclamation.

The most intriguing question that I ask to myself all the time or the question that we all are supposed to be pondering upon in our day to day Christian walk should be…Are we ready to let God test us for His ministry? The reason why we all should start considering this question is because; we tend to spend most of our lives in the form of a cycle or a routine in which we play a major role of just following a very comfortable and safe route of a one way traffic (OUR WORLD) and try to wonder about our weak spiritual growth and why aren’t we yet getting anywhere.

Whenever we hear someone preach to us about the revival and reformation we need in our hearts, we tend to be all fired up to really get that thing going in our life, but how far have we really taken it in terms of practicality. The word of God says… “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting”. (Psalms 139:23, 24). We always do have so many plans in regards to the things we want to do for God, but our hearts most of the time are not really ready to depict the true color as expected by God.

All we have to start doing is to call upon God everyday in our prayers, get down to our knees and let God know that we sincerely want to present ourselves as a living sacrifice for Him. Obviously we are humans and we are weak, but that doesn’t give us the excuse to stay idle and do nothing. We got to let God examine our hearts and ask Him to help us understand our weaknesses and humbly request Him to lead us to the right path. The only solution of being a wonderful steward for God is by letting him take control of our hearts and correct us when we go wrong and then hold His hands for us to be able to walk in the right direction.

For example, there are different stages in a child’s life of turning into an adult, likewise we need to go through different phases in terms of our spiritual walk and couple of important phases are to Let God examine us for any weaknesses and to walk by His side towards everlasting life.

So now can we all say “Please God, Try me…for I am ready to abide by you and work for you”.



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