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Passover: A Celebration of Patience

Israel, Jerusalem, Deyanu, Kosher, Shalom

That is the extent of my Jewishness. That is all I know about the culture of my Savior, so it is with great trepidation and a lil’ bit of curiosity that I roll thru’ the stop sign in a hurry to get to the April meeting of ACF which is a Passover Seder. Pesach is the Hebrew word for Passover, a celebration 400 plus years in the making. You see in order to appreciate the festival you have to understand the journey. Remembering that the children of Israel had been aliens and later slaves in Egypt for over 400 years…

Aliens. That strikes at my core

For I am something I try to ignore

Let us not explore …

400 years? Unfathomable

Generations and generations,

Time becomes a chore

Something to abhor

decades roll by,

people die

it all seems like a lie

hope fades

they feel betrayed

dismayed an’ afraid

this is their life

one full of strife

for 400 years

The bones of Joseph

still in a cave

They were slaves

As they dug graves

For their children

And built pyramids

For masters who worshiped a god of death


Living death

This is their life

praying and waiting

for the deliverer to come

and put an end to their misery.

Bitter herbs, unleavened bread, and wine cease to be just parts of a ritualistic ceremony when you allow yourself to be blown away by the reality of their faith, belief and patience.

400 years.

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