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Obama 2: No We Won’t

So, who cares who you voted for? I mean, this year what really counted was how the process between candidacy and the presidency came to life via resurrection of politically active 20-somethings. As an American, it was the virus everyone wanted to catch. That itch you missed when it was all over. And now that all the hype has died down – we’re left waiting to see what the “Change” we fought for actually means.

But it was that vibe that kept me wondering what God must think of all this? How is it that she stands so unashamedly behind a man she never knew, yet she fled when time to spread Word of me? How is it he can’t resist mentioning his name in idle conversation, yet only finds time to whisper mine in secret? The passion, connection, and genuine vigor that fired up young Americans across the 50 states was intriguing to me. What was it that drove this unprecedented movement? How did grassroots become radically mainstream overnight?

We had something to care about.

I was moved to tears and proud to be an American election night irregardless of the results. Our voices mattered, because we raised them. Yet in that same moment, I felt ashamed to profess my allegiant citizenship of His heavenly kingdom when what I had to manifest for Him was less than for him.

Because He cares, so should we.

Instead, each day our actions chant “No – We – Won’t” on this campaign for eternity. Cowardice silence reeks of apathetic indifference for the only true Ruler, and so we find ourselves wrapped up in temporal networks barking up fading rays of hope. We accept and firmly unite behind earthly kingdom after kingdom.

If we could just accept His authenticity instead of trading it in for counterfeit hope…
If I could just mention His name and strike the match of meaningful conversation…

If we could just transplant that spirit of tireless passion to Christian SDA young adults…

Yet, even now – what will we pay to gather around Washington’s Reflecting Pool inauguration morning? What will we sacrifice to be sure we don’t miss this defining moment in history? What a shame it will be if we don’t find Christ worth it.

When my thoughts about the Obama movement line up next to my thoughts concerning the halted reawakening of SDA young adults, I’m left just wondering…

Who really cares?

(Photo Thanks to Ryan)

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