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Lesson 10: Need a Job?

There’s a story I read about recently. I thought I’d share a very condensed version with you. Long ago there was a rich and wealthy family. They were the king’s family in ancient Mesopotamia, but the king was kind and allowed all to enter into his palace. The kingdom was flourishing. The lush, vast expanse of greenery, the glorious mountains that guarded the city were written about on many scrolls. But there was unrest created by a few in the land as in all kingdoms in history. Before long, there was a coup to overthrow the royal family. The new dictator, the self-proclaimed king named Warad-Sin (yes, that’s his name) loved his new power. He used it to achieve his own ends. He was taking young women from the city to sleep with him and harassing the servants in his palace. Spitting in their faces when he was displeased and spreading rumors about them so that he could later execute them for treason. The city learned from the new king and became very wicked itself.

Fortunately, the royal family was not harmed in the overthrow as they fled. They moved to another land, where they were safe. No citizen was allowed to leave Warad’s land. The land was in great strife. Famine, hunger, disease, and death plagued the city. Warad lived a lavish lifestyle but he did not care for his citizens.

Meanwhile the former King, Abba’el, learned of all that was taking place in Warad’s kingdom from local traders. His heart was crushed. People that he had had dinner with were dying from hunger. Young girls whom he cared for were being taking advantage of and their innocence was stolen from them. His extended families whom he loved so much were in a land of slavery. He had to regain the city. Warad needed to be dethroned. The King told his family of his plan. He was going to enter the city as a local trader the next time his trader friends came through. The mother of Abba’el was in tears as was his son. She knew that Warad would kill him as soon as he found out that he was there. She begged him not to go but Abba’el could only think about his people.

Abba’el set out as a trader wearing sandals and dirty clothes. A man, who was once king, now wore torn sandals and dirty clothes. As soon as he entered the city after many years, tears began to fill his eyes. His friend told him to hold himself together before the guards noticed him. He saw his aunt’s children feeding the pigs in a sty with barely any clothes on. Trash filled the streets. Abba’el could not even recognize some friends because of their condition. At times, he didn’t even want to open his eyes.

To make a long story short, Abba’el secretly met with his friends and told them of his plan. His former guards agreed to help. They had weapons stored away in various secret places. Again, Abba’el began to cry as he embraced his friends. Thinking of his family in this city, he set out to regain his throne. Death was imminent but his love for the people of Mesopotamia kept him going. Even his mother could not stop him.

He only had a few soldiers with him compared to Warad’s vast army but he raided the palace anyway. He fought and battled. A sword pierced his back and blood flowed from his body. He turned and saw it was Warad. Warad looked him in the eyes and stabbed him again. He cried aloud, screaming from the pain, but he was not going to give up. His soldiers heard his cry and came to where he was and they together took down Warad. But Abba’el wasn’t going to make it. He was losing too much blood. He gasped for air and said, “Tell the people that they are no longer in slavery. They are free. They no longer need to live in the way Warad had them living. Also, tell my whole family that I love them.” With that said, he died in the arms of his soldiers. (His son succeeded him.)


“Since the children have flesh and blood, He too shared in their humanity so that by His death He might destroy him who holds the power of death – that is, the devil – and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death. For surely it is not angels He helps, by Abraham’s descendants” – Hebrews 2:14-16


Abba’el gave his life in order to give his people freedom from Warad-Sin. Not for his own gain but because of love. I must confess to you. That story you read is not real. I made it up. Sorry for misleading you. You think Abba’el loved his people and you think he did a lot for them? Christ does that and SO MUCH MORE and He lives! But what emotions did you feel when you read that story? What emotions do you feel when you read about the story of Jesus Christ? Any difference? The story of Christ should shake us every time!

Jesus Christ came down to this earth to free you from the devil, from Satan, the author of sin, but we take this so lightly. We take Christ’s sacrifice so lightly. Why are we unable to truly appreciate the sacrifice he made? Why are we unable to understand that He, the King, really loves us? The King robed in all his glory and honor came down to this dirty earth wearing sandals. Becoming one of us. His own creation. The Creator made himself to be one of the creations! Leaving the glory, security, wealth, and power of heaven, he came to earth. Doesn’t that amaze you? Doesn’t that make you want to get to know Him?! If we really appreciated what God did for us, we would spend every moment we could with Him and be a true disciple? Isn’t that ridiculous? That we don’t truly appreciate Him and His sacrifice?!

I created that story to try to show a tiny glimpse of what Christ did to free us! He feels every hurt you do. Every tear that you cry, He cries. He came to free us. And because He really paid the ultimate price, we can have FREEDOM! What a God! What a Savior! What a Friend! Will you spend time with Abba, your Heavenly Father? Will you be a disciple for Him? Will you be a soldier for this King? He loves you so much. Why not see for yourself? You will not be disappointed. Appreciation for Christ’s propitiation for our sins will lead us to realize our transgression, which will lead us to confession, which will lead us to compassion for God and others, which will ultimately lead us to salvation. So, do you truly appreciate Christ? Who is He to you? Just another story or the REAL and LIVING Son of God? Need a job? He’s hiring. Be a disciple.

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  • Rhonda B said:

    I love the focus you have on Christ’s sacrifice because by the time I got to Wednesday’s portion of the lesson, I went back to the beginning and wrote the word “Sacrifice” beside the title. Going through the lesson, I thought the question was what are we willing to sacrifice to follow Christ. But now I am thinking it should be what aren’t we willing to sacrifice? God already gave it all for us, how can we not give everything for him? It seems so simple, but sometimes as we struggle with certain sins and question what others will think about us if we talk to them about giving their life to God, its easy to forget. Thanks for bringing it in focus.


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