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She didn’t tell me.

It was months ago when we started planning for Houston’s Camp Meeting. Each year all the churches in the TX Conference close and we meet at the Reliant Center. This year we were in charge of running the Sabbath School program for Young Adults – or so we thought.

Hurricane Ike came and swept away Camp Meeting back in September, and so here we were a week ago putting the final touches on Camp Meeting in December. Only, I was depending

on Kemi to handle the sound checks and what not as I was frantically finishing a 30 page paper for class.

4:45pm last Friday I finally finished, and phoned Kemi relieved the 30 page marathon was over. We’d spoken briefly a few times throughout the day, but I wasn’t prepared to hear her tell me we weren’t just running Sabbath School the next morning. We had to plan church, as in Divine Hour for the handful of hundreds of youth that were planning to show up in the next 14 hours. I flipped out.

In retrospect, I guess that’s why she’d kept the news secret until I hit the final period on page number 30. Where were we to get a speaker? Music? And all the dressings for a church service that happens only once a year…

Let’s just say God showed up big time. Within minutes there was a speaker, we had a youth group ready to present a skit, and then out of no where a band that was previously booked called and asked us if they could play at church tomorrow. What?! It was almost as if God was playing a practical joke – “Gotchya!” But seriously, what happens next is most telling that miracles really do happen in 2008.

I was still holding my breathe about our hodgepodge plan for what we’d label Divine Hour on the program, when I reached the top of the escalators leading to the room designated for Youth/YAs. We had no theme, we had no objective other than just to get through the worship service. We did have a plan for Sabbath School and that was to stick to the quarterly.

You remember, last week we studied “Atonement at the Cross” to better grasp the significance of his death. Well, imagine the perfect church service where Sabbath School and Divine Hour mesh in one harmonious theme. Where the scripture verse matches the music, and the sermon plays off of the dramatic skit literally painting the face of God . . .

Got the image?

That’s what happened with God showed up at the Reliant last week. The way things looked Sabbath morning was as if it was like God’s own little puppet show. Pastor Kendall who was there to see our reaction from beginning to end said it this way, “I know God was smiling on us as I saw one thing after another fall into place LITERALLY!”

Neale Shields (West Houston SDA), and Bryan & Jennye Baysa (Metropolitan SDA) came and lead our Sabbath School discussions. A group of youth joined us for an awesome skit in which they painted the face of Jesus in pieces. Pastor Josue Murillo (Texas Conference, Youth) presented the message. Evidence out of Dallas lead our praise and worship. And they all stuck to one topic – “Atonement at the Cross.”

We didn’t plan it, we certainly weren’t expecting it but that’s what happens when we take God’s miraculous power, literally.

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