Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 5: Walking in the Light – Renouncing Worldliness


There once lived a young boy, who was very well taken care of by his family. He had all the wealth he could ever imagine to have, all the comfort he could enjoy, and all the service he was offered by the servants of his home. Bottom line, he was living his life like a king. He then one day decided to let go of everything he had and go out into a new world that promised him more pleasure and satisfaction than his current life. The boy’s father requested him to stay, but the boy decided to leave, since he believed to have found the place of true happiness. He joined some of his friends in the exploration and left everything behind that belonged to him. The boy eventually realized that the world he dreamt of was after all nothing but an illusion of pleasure and happiness. For everything was temporary. He then decided to go back to his father’s home, asked for forgiveness and then spent the rest of his life understanding where the true love, complete satisfaction and eternal happiness was. – (In the presence of his Father)

The above story may sound very familiar…..yes friends it’s the modified, condensed version of the ‘Prodigal Son’.

The opening text for this week is “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him”. 1 John 2:15

Let’s break down the story into 2 parts to understand the above mentioned verse and how it relates to us on a daily basis.

Part 1:

The young boy started falling in love with the things of the world. Things that brought pleasure to his eyes, his mind, his body like pride of handling things on his own, Adultery, Fornication, Idolatry (Other Gods including TV, Internet, education, career etc anything that distracts us from God) Ref: Galatians 5:19-21

Even though he knew and had experienced his father’s love and provision, yet the desire to venture and try new things regardless of the warning by his father led him to separate himself from his father’s house.

So, the love for the world separated the young boy from his father, which eventually led him to more trouble and misery

Part 2:

By making the decision to follow his own desires, the son overthrew the love and sacrifice his father had done for all through his life. At the point, when the son decided to seek after his own pleasures, he dishonored his father’s plans for his future. He was portraying the fact that, his love for the new world was much better in comparison to the all the love he had received and experienced throughout his past life.

In simple words, the son showed through his actions and decisions, that he no longer loved his father, but the new world and the things it had to offer.

Part 3: (From this verse… “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. 1 John 1:9)

This part is something that has to be paid close attention to, since it is something that we all have questions and doubts about. The topic of ‘Forgiveness’. When the son came to his senses and understood that he made a mistake, he decided to go back to his father and ask for forgiveness and he did receive his forgiveness.

The point is, sometimes we feel that we don’t deserve it, but let’s not forget that Jesus loved us, before we even thought of loving Him, He made it possible that we can live, through His sinless life. So, all we need to do is realize our mistakes, stop choosing the world and take Jesus as our personal Saviour and through His name, we can claim His forgiveness.


My dear friends, the world does have a lot to offer, specially the things that would bring great pleasure and joy to our lives, but not to our souls.

It all starts with 1 small desire that has to do with a little bit of compromise, which most of the time is taken for granted. We are Christians, we can handle it…just doing it once is not going to hurt…we can stop it before it gets worse….all those thoughts are nothing but a very clever tactic that satan uses against us.

Please think about those small, little, compromises that we do on a daily basis and start comparing them to the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our lives not just in this world, but for the world to come.

It’s JUST NOT WORTH IT……Let’s pray hard to denounce the world and the things in it, so we don’t get carried away and be lost in this world. The time is near and we all have to be ready for His Second coming. It’s high time that we start prioritizing our lives and our choices, for we are God’s chosen ones and we are meant to be saved.

What’s your choice? – The World (or) God