Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 9:Freedom in Christ

Romans 8:1 says that ‘there is no condemnation to them that are in Christ”

How proud we will be as children of God if we have freedom in Christ. I remember when I was in high school back in Kenya, our parents believed that boarding schools were and still are the best places for teenagers. We had no freedom, when I think about it now; all I have to say is ‘wow’. Did they have to be that mean? We never used to leave the gates of the school at least for all the four years I stayed there unless I was going home for an emergency or when we closed. To this date, it makes me not like boarding schools. It was like being put in a jail.

Some few boarding schools as bondage while others; it’s a place where students get to learn without interruption. We have different kinds of bondages, sins, and infidelity bondage for example; Jesus tells us that in him, we have the freedom. If we have this freedom we can be able to talk boldly about Jesus Christ. We are able to stand steadfast and defeat Satan.

In a world and a country where freedom means everything, how free are we really? As Christians, can we say we are free?

Just as the book of Romans says, there is no condemnation for to them that are in Christ. If we sin against him, he still loves and forgives us. And when he does forgive us, he makes us free. As a Christian and a child of God, if you live in Christ, you are considered innocent and judged not guilty.

As human beings, we tend to have so many baggage’s that come with us that living that life of freedom makes it very difficult for Jesus Christ to give us the freedom that we desire. The holy spirit in our life’s brings true life, energy, power and when it lives in us, Christ is also present, Romans 8:9

This week’s lesson is all about freedom in Christ and how we can lead that life that makes us feel free. As Christians, have we been challenged to try to live a life that is free of all this earthly trouble? I am 25 years old, and every day I face the challenge of trying to live a free life versus one that asks me to do things that I don’t feel comfortable with. For we all have sinned and fallen short of Glory of God but it is only those who seek God and ask for forgiveness that get that freedom to be called children of God.

Sin seeks to enslave us through fear and separation from God. As believers, we can receive the Holy Spirit and be drawn nearer to our God.

For us to achieve any goal, we ought to stay focused. And for us to live in freedom, we ought to stay even more focused. We will face challenges most of the time, but just like how something is important in our life and we do everything to achieve it, should this also be.

Romans 8:6 states that to have our minds and lives focused on physical things is death and to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Who doesn’t want peace? Those people who are in jail now are either being punished for something they committed against someone or society, that’s how the law makes them have peace in their mind. How about Christians, how do we achieve this same peace?

In conclusion, as Christians, freedom comes in many ways but the greatest of them all is freedom from sin and living in Christ. When we live in Christ, we have that peace of mind that everyone desires. As we finish this lesson, we should all try to give someone that freedom, whether is is freedom from domestic violence, drugs, religious intolerance or illiteracy. Let us all work together and make someone have that peace. And to top it all, explain not just to your fellow Christians but your fellow human being the difference between freedom in Christ and earthly freedom.

Happy Sabbath!