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Lesson 7: Grace


Grace – A word for which this world has  a lot of  different meanings. Although the word grace can be interpreted in so many different ways, for Christians there is only one meaning and that is the AMAZING GRACE of God. Friends, I want to stress and emphasize on that again – AMAZING GRACE of GOD.

“But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”  – Romans 5:8

The lesson study starts off with the verse mentioned above, that no matter how hard we try, regardless of the highest IQ level we could ever have, that verse is just something, we can try to only fathom in our imaginations, but can never get a full grasp of it until we understand GRACE.

May be an example can shed some light on Grace….

I am married to a beautiful and wonderful girl in the whole wide world and I can definitely say Amen and praise God for that all through my life. When we got married, we exchanged vows saying…that we will be there for each there and treat each other with ‘Love & Respect’, no matter what. Well the latter part of the vow ( matter what) really started hitting me as days passed by. Every one of us have our ups and downs, so did me and my wife. Some days were filled with joy & happiness, some days were filled with sorrow and disappointment. Let’s all face it, we all have different personalities and we sometimes get carried away with our emotions and even worst case, we end up hurting our beloved ones. So do I once in a while. Of course my wife gets disappointed with me because of my unusual behavior that for some odd reason never surfaced up during our dating time but started bubbling only after our marriage.

But amidst all the day to day drama, my wife has decided to love and respect me for the rest of her life and I know that, because of the way she treats me and cares for me….Now that’s the closest I can define as to what is Grace. An unconditional  love that she has for me, because of which she is willing to put up with all my craziness, willfully ready to be there for me in times of trouble, and to be more specific, my wife has dedicated her life to remain loyal and faithful to me because of the love she has for me.

Friends, we all can relate to the example above in so many different ways, whether it be parent/child, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships…but if there is one relationship that can completely define Grace, that would be the relationship that God has with us human beings.

I want you all to think about something. We all agree that our God knows everything – past, present and future. When God created this world and humans, He knew that His handy work was going to cost Him a lot to the extent of sacrificing His own son and to be separated from His son for the first time because of our sins. Now as humans, the way we handle things is very different from God. If we know or have the slightest doubt that something wrong was going to happen, we will do everything in our might to avoid that problem.

My dear brothers and sisters, God did not consider as a problem when He created us. Being fully aware about the future, He still decided to not just create us, but also lay out the plan of  salvation. That is GRACE, God’s AMAZING GRACE.

In today’s world and in our spiritual lives, Grace always for some reason remains to be a mere theoretical topic. I personally believe that we can change the way we live our lives, the very moment we start internalizing God’s GRACE into every aspect of our life. God all through the centuries until today, has been doing everything He can to show us His grace, but what are we doing to show God that we value His grace. We don’t deserve His love because of the sins we do, yet He is always willing to make a way for us to get back to Him, that is His Grace.

Let’s not just talk about God’s grace in our lives, but start valuing it by living an acceptable life worthy of that very GRACE.

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  • kemi said:

    hmmm the picture speaks a thousand words
    and your post amplifies the meaning

    have a blessed sabbath

  • Neema/Grace said:

    Amazing Grace is what God has for each and everyone of us.My name Neema is a swahili word which means Grace and i try as much as i can to abide by my name.God has been wonderful to me and shown me his Grace every step of my way.There is nothing more i can say but thank him for his grace in each and everyone of us lives.


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