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Lesson 7: Children of God

Okay so I don’t know about you but I really do believe that are only a limited number of ways that you can spin a tale and so I find myself in a particular predicament. So I am not going to try to reiterate the point that has been given time and time and beautiful time again this quarter. Instead I am just going to give you the cliff notes and ask questions that YOU HAVE TO ANSWER, seriously. So for all the students who are still trying to salvage the last few weeks of summer, I apologize and for those already back in the swing of academic bullet points you should feel right at home.

Children of God 1 John 3:1

I love my father, when I was a kid I used to be his shadow, I used to watch his lips when he talked and loved to hear the rise and fall of his voice echo in his chest. I still love my dad, I do. It is just different when you become an adult; listening to his every word has lost its wonder, instead of following him everywhere he goes I find myself asking him why he does what he does. Somehow and somewhere I evolved from this girl who wanted to follow his every command without question to one who wants to make her own decisions regardless of his advice, mercy, on some days I even want to make my own mistakes just because I can.

I wonder, as a child of God if I now suffer from the same ailment. Instead of following God just because he says so, I now expect explanations and instead of acquiescing to his every command I offer rationalizations and justifications just ‘cuz I think I’m grown. A child trusts is based on the character of their Father and being that God’s character has never changed, I wonder why my response to Him has. First question, is your relationship with God based on His character or on your need for control and independence?

Adoption Rom. 8:15-17

We’ve heard it a billion times that adoption is a special kind of love because it means a conscious choice was made to add you to the family. You are now a joint heir with the Kings of Kings and the Redeemer of Mankind, you have been accepted into His family and yet we still walk around this world on our tippy toes trying to avoid making our presence known, scared that we might scratch the marble floor or break the gold plates.  We have been adopted and the  spirit given to us is not one that leads us to fear but one of courage so the question is, do you live like you know you are His or are you shackled by fear and uncertainty?

Choices  Josh. 24:15

Each choice brings you into a closer relationship with your family or widens the divide. No excuses. If you decide not to call your mother today or skip thanksgiving you are making a choice, whatever your excuse may be it doesn’t change the fact that your family is not the top priority  (because once there is a will there is a way). Here’s the sum of it all, there are only two families and you are either drawing closer to one or to another.  I love the way Eugene puts it in the Message
“This is war, and there is no neutral ground. If you’re not on my side, you’re the enemy; if you’re not helping, you’re making things worse.” Matt 12:30So here’s the third and final question the choices you made today, what family do they place you in?

Hopefully y’all passed the test.
Have a blessed Sabbath.


  • Mudiwa said:

    I am particularly interested in question #1. While discussing the lesson earlier this week, I was impressed to think about how Satan is destroying families. The issue of the broken home or the single parent household does not only have social implications. If we view the Father as our father – for those who have grown up without that blessing as a result of negligence or sin ….how does that color the view of Christ…..How is this single parent/lack of a father view of God the father perpetuated through generations…..

  • Oluwakemi (Author) said:

    Hmmm thanks Mudiwa, i didn’t really allow my brain to wander that far in depth but you are right, children raised without father figures, or those in which their father’s have neglected them in some way might have a whole different take on this lesson. We do under-estimate the devil’s ability to infiltrate our homes and some times we open the door when we see him coming. Mercy


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