Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 7: Abiathar – Called for a Purpose

Growing up as a Christian has been a great blessing to me. But being brought up in the faith, I often found myself asking what can I do for God? I’ve known about God for much of my life but what can I, a regular ‘ole guy, do for Him? We sometimes think that giving our money through tithe and offerings is good enough work for God. We are sacrificing something, right? But if you examine Jesus’ life, you see that He was in the midst of people at all times. He went out into the streets and helped others. My point is that it’s about giving yourself to the doing of God’s work, not just your money. It’s about devoting your whole body, mind, and soul to Him.

Do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that if you are not going out into the streets you are not a servant of God. Simply understand that being a servant of God involves devoting your life, your heart to Him not solely your money.

If you want to do God’s work, He will find a way for you to do it. One is never too young for that. Daniel, a teenager, was called at an early age. And if you look at his life you will find that he stood for his Heavenly Father. When King Darius was told that Daniel was praying, Darius was forced to throw Daniel into the lion’s den. Although Daniel knew he was not supposed to pray because of the decree in the land, he still did! Not only that. He continued to pray three times a day with his windows wide open for all to see! By doing this, he was standing for God!

There is an old hymn called “Stand Up! Stand Up for Jesus!” It was written by George Duffield, Jr. in 1858. That’s nearly 150 years ago. Yet, the message has not changed. We, in the year 2007, must still stand up for Jesus just as Daniel did!

Friend, our purpose, your purpose is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ by being witnesses for Him at our workplace, our school, our home, and wherever we go. We cannot all be preachers. We all cannot be evangelists. We all cannot be singers or musicians. But we can all be witnesses! That is what Daniel was. Wherever he was, regardless of the consequences, he stood for God. Much like Abiathar, we have a calling. A work has been assigned to us by the King, but many of us act as if we’re unemployed Christians.

Friend, God made you on purpose. He knew you even before you were formed in your mother’s womb. You were no accident. God made you with His own hands and formed you with care. Now, the Creator longs for His creation to be a witness for Him. He wants His creation to show others the great things He longs to do for them and to show how much He truly loves them.

Do not allow your past failures to make you think that God did not call you for a purpose. No matter your age. No matter your situation. No matter your talents. God has a purpose for you! Be a witness and “Stand Up for Jesus!” He knows you can do great and wonderful things for Him. We must stand for God no matter what because as a Christian that is our purpose. Maybe you’re just a regular person like me. Well, I have good news. God loves “regular” people because they are SPECIAL in His eyes. He’s been using these so called “regular” people since the beginning of time! Just look at the Israelites. Look at Abiathar. God is still using them! In God’s eyes you are a special gem and He certainly has a purpose for you. Do you want to do God’s work? Then be a witness and stand for Him always! Remember, He made you on purpose for a purpose!

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