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Lesson 6: The Fruit of the Spirit is Kindness

One of the most fascinating and wonderful attribute of Jesus Christ was the way, he drew attention from huge groups of people. Every small village and big city he visited, he always had a huge crowd behind him. There were so many reasons as to why people followed Him. But from reading the Bible and learning from most of the gospel writers, we can understand that…Jesus Christ’s power to heal was a well known fact to everyone who followed Him. It was not because He was a famous physician, it was only because He never turned down anyone who came to Him in faith of being healed and that underlying factor of Jesus Christ accepting and wanting to heal others was the very reflection of His purest form of Kindness.

Based on Colossians 3:12, Christians are called to be kind, not for the sake of self glory but for the sake of reflecting Christ’s character through them (I hope every Christian remembers that we are to reflect Christ & not ourselves in anything and everything we do). The essence and significance of Kindness lies in the fact that, there is always a proactive action involved by one person (Kind person) to another person (Receiver of the kindness). We all at some point of our life have been either on the giving end (or) the receiving end.

Unfortunately for most individuals, the act of kindness depends on the kind of person, his/her background, what kind of benefit we might get (immediate/near future) etc. But according to Jesus Christ, kindness is to depend on only one factor and that is the honest desire to be of help to others. Hence, a good way of examining ourselves with respect to our act of kindness is to, question and examine if our act of kindness is motivated by selfless & self-sacrificial love (or) by selfish desires of mutual benefit.

There are different forms of expressing kindness…but I think ‘Words & Acts’ interpret kindness at its strongest form. It was Jesus Christ’s words that most of the time melted people’s hearts and His actions showed His true compassion to His fellow brethren.

Kind words are easy written than practiced in day to day situations….specially the time when you are annoyed and made fun of by your worst enemies….But that’s where, we are called to exhibit kindness.(Proverbs 15:1). Kind actions are supposed to be selfless and readily available to people especially who don’t deserve it (Just like Jesus is kind to you and me…the worst sinners who don’t deserve anything from Christ)

Bottom line……you and I cannot exhibit kindness by mere passive state of mind…we must be proactive and action oriented to find every possible situation to be kind to others. This will not only be a blessing to others, but will also be a witness to the world about the God we worship.

Remember…….It is nice to be important, but it is very important to be nice.

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