Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 6: Sin

I just looked in the mirror and realized that for every sin I committed this week, there’s probably a visible manifestation on my face.  I had a really trying week and worry consumed me taking me from one stupid decision to the next, until Friday I just felt as though I was drowning in a bottomless pit. Not to worry about the face, it’s nothing a little Bioré mask can’t handle.

The point is – this sin thing is a big deal, isn’t it?  I mean, either we check out and enjoy the high of the sin-buzz and do damage control later when we are feeling the low effects, or we stress about confessions and corrections – for every item on my bad list that says two more on my good list.  We have a real problem when we try to deal with our sin issues on our own.  We take the simple and make it complicated.

But we see in this week’s lesson, “Therefore just as one man’s trespass led to condemnation for all, so one man’s act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all” (Romans 5:18).  Last night I watched an awesome visual presentation of Kirk Franklin’s My Love, My Life, My All. During the performance hands visible in black light spelled out the word P A S T.  Jesus walked by with two dark holes (one in which white glove) and wiped away the letters.  The songs says:

My past has been erased
With just one touch from you
My clouds
My rain
My pain
Has changed
Your blood has made me new

The solution really is simple.

It’s much harder to offend someone you truly love.  The more I really understand what He did for me, the easier it is to love Him, the more-natural submission to God’s will becomes, and sin becomes less-intentional.  Rather than worry about how much or how little I’m sinning, I’d rather focus on getting to know Christ.  The closer I am to Him the less I feel pressured into managing my sin issue alone.

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