Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 5:The Fruit of the spirit is Patience

This quarters lesson guide is all about the fruits of the Holy spirit- love, peace, patience, kindness, self-control, joy just to mention but a few.

Greek defines patience in two words that express the meaning behind it. The first being hupomone (endurance) and makrothumia (great/long tempered).

A patient person is someone who is mild, gentle and constant in everything that they do. (James 1:4 but let patience has its perfect work, which you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing) And for one to have this kind of patient, one needs a lot of practice, God’s grace and willingness to put aside self and to surrender to the prompting of the hold spirit. Most of us not patient with so many of life’s things and that’s why we fail to achieve this virtue. We are not patient with our wives, husbands, children, job and most importantly God. Patient is God’s attribute (Exodus 34:6) and we see so many of God’s prophets who have shown what true patience means one of them being Jeremiah. Paul teaches us how we need to be patient especially in church with our fellow members. We need this virtue in order to get along as God’s children. We need a lot of patience to do God’s work as children of God. This is what is referred to as patience in the Gospel. We are impatient with people who do not know God’s word and we don’t seem to care about them. (2 Tim 4:2)

One person who has indicated to us that patience has no limits is God. At the same time, God has manifested his patience to human beings in ways that we cannot be able to compare. He was patience with children of Israel during Noah’s time for more than 120 years when the ark was being prepared. When he was tired, his patience reached its limit and those who did not enter the ark all perished. As human beings; we also have a limit to our patience. This is why we have so many divorces in the world, we have a lot of hatred for our brothers or sisters, we reach a limit where we cannot take it anymore and cannot forgive. Just like Sodom and Gomorrah, Israel in the wilderness and the Babylonian captivity, their attitude reached a limit and the patience they had reached its limit.

How does one develop the fruit of being patient? James 1:2-4 tells us that we should count it all joy when we fall and learn to be patient. In our everyday life, we will face trials and tribulations but we ought to learn to be patient so as to develop this virtue that is very important. Just as Jesus was patient with those who persecuted him, does God wants us to be patient in everything that we do as to later inherit God’s kingdom. Good things only come to those who are patient in life, nothing comes easy, friendships are hard to maintain so are marriages, our jobs are hard to keep, it requires a lot of patience to keep up with everything in this world but if we develop this spirit of patience, then we can be able to overcome everything that comes our way and achieve the very best.

As youths, we need to learn to be patience with our church members and when teaching God’s word to those who are unaware of it. Developing all these would lead is into acquiring the other fruits of the holy spirit like meekness.



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