Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 5: The Inspiration of the Prophets

Sorry this post comes so late… I was really hoping to get some inspiration from today’s sabbath school discussion after spending the whole week wondering what was going on with this week’s study. I followed the adult quarterly and had several questions coming to the end of our review on what exactly it means to be inspired and what exactly in the bible is or isn’t the inspired word of God. Sabbath school today just left me with more questions. So help me out…what did you take away from this week’s study. What did you cover in sabbath school class this morning?

Some of the questions posed in the adult quarterly that I found particularly interesting to ponder are as follows:

1) What’s wrong with prophets under the guidance of the Holy Spirit going to other sources as a way of helping express truth?

2) Some people have worked on the assumption that some parts of the Bible are more inspired than others. What’s the great danger with taking such a position?

…so have at it. Let’s hear what you took home from this past week’s study.