Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 5: From Complaints to Apotasy

Four chapters ::- Four lessons

Numbers 11
Lesson 1: Complaining about your lot in life makes God angry.
Comprehensibility of this lesson is easy, compliance on the other hand isn’t.
We love God so we shouldn’t complain but it seems
that we complain because we feel that God doesn’t love us the way we expect Him to.

Verse 1 says “…the people complained about their hardships in the hearing of God.”
Does this mean that we can’t complain at church but everywhere else is fair game to our grumbling?
To the best of my knowledge God’s ears are universal and so He hears everything we say so unfortunately for us it doesn’t really matter where we decide to whine, he still hears it.

The complaining of the Israelites causes the Lord to send fire from heaven that impacts the outskirts of the city, they cry for deliverance, he listens and then in verse 4 they start complaining AGAIN about meat.
I wonder why?
Could it be that our attitude in hard times becomes our character that eventually pervades the good times. They complained for 400 years during slavery and when they were being blessed and being led visually by God they couldn’t stop complaining.

Numbers 12
Lesson 2: Your ambition shouldn’t conflict with the Will of God.
Aaron and Miriam have an axe to grind with Moses and the cover story is his choice in spouse.  There is nothing new under the sun and just like our 21st churches, they dress it up and masquerade it as a legitimate issue while privately seeking to usurp power from the Lord’s anointed. They feel that they are more qualified to serve as leaders; this thought plants seeds of rebellion similar to that of Lucifer. Moses was God’s choice and their need launch their political career and agenda comes in conflict with the will of God and instead of humility they choose rebellion.

So I ask myself, when does my ambition come in conflict with God’s will?

Numbers 13
Lesson 4: Your perspective is poisonous
Moses sends out 12 men to scout the Promised Land. 12 men went to survey the land promised to them and 10 came back blinded by their own perspective. God says this is the promised land yet 10 men come back and say “..the land we explored devours those living in it.” They feel that it is impossible to conquer the giants they encountered.

One thing to note is that all 12 men saw the same situation but being that the majority was  looking at the situation through their earthly eyes they couldn’t fathom how God who has led in the past would continue to lead.

How many times has your perspective of a situation polluted the vision that God has laid out?

Numbers 14
Lesson 4: Selective Amnesia leads to irrational behavior
They can almost smell the honey flowing down the streets of the Promised Land.  11 days after leaving Egypt they are within dancing distance of the realization of the promise made to Abraham. Delivered from Pharaoh by the 10 plagues, through the Red Sea, across the wilderness, with a pillar of smoke by day and fire by night, with water, manna and quail they had seen the Lord lead and provide for all their needs.

The poisonous report from the 10 spies caused the children of Israel to forget it all and so panic sets in. They feel abandoned and allowed their fear to overshadow the promise of God.

Wrapping it up

  1. The Israelites felt God was being unfair because of their erroneous expectations.
  2. Aaron and Miriam felt Moses was unduly honored because of their ambitions.
  3. The 10 spies felt that the promise land was hell because of their perspectives.
  4. The children of Israel felt that God had abandoned them because of the report.

Somehow we need to not allow our feelings to control us because it is a slippery slope.
Somehow we need to reassess our expectations of what God’s plan is so that we don’t become disappointed when he doesn’t give us a Ferrari.
Somehow we need to figure out a way to view our feelings through a heavenly perspective.
Somehow we need to have an indelible marker write on our thoughts and in our psyche that He really does love us and that He does not lie.

So, if you know the sequence that needs to be encoded into the brain to produce this desired thought process, please contact me, better yet share it with those you love.