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Lesson 4: Walking in the Light: Keeping His Commandments

A pastor had been counseling a husband and wife. The problem was that, the husband had been having extramarital affairs. That’s not an extramarital affair but, in fact, many of them. The husband tried to calm the situation by telling the wife that although he had been with other women, it didn’t mean that he didn’t love her. In fact, he said, he loved her more than any of the other. Of course, those words by the husband made things worse.(Story from the lesson study)

Well, the problem here seems to be very clear. The husband states that he loves his wife, but actually continues to have affairs with other women. But loving his wife meant for him to be faithful, loyal and committed (ALL ACTIONS) to his wife for the rest of his life. So, obviously the love for his wife wasn’t quite genuine since his actions weren’t portraying even a bit of the love he claimed to have for his wife.

As Christians, we sometimes (or) should I rather say, most of the times find ourselves in the shoes of the husband we just read about, claiming to love God in mere words and not in our actions.

We say that we love God, because we know who He is and what He has done for us. But I guess that’s all we do. We claim to have the knowledge of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for mankind, we portray our knowledge about the doctrines and stories in the bible by seminars, bible studies etc, we even try teaching others with the knowledge we have about the law of God……..but very often we miss out on the very basics and that is the knowledge we had acquired as Christians eventually remains only as knowledge and not as something that cleanses and transforms our lives on a daily basis.

The word of God says “And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments”. 1 John 2:3.

All of the Pharisees, educated professionals during time of Jesus knew God and also kept the law very faithfully, yet their lives did not portray (or) reflect the character of Jesus Christ (or) the kind of life that Jesus was teaching them to live.

Well, then that’s a problem. In order to understand the part they missed on, we need to dive into the scriptures again. The Holy bible says – “If ye love me, keep my commandments”. John 14:15. So, the missing link is LOVE.

In order to KNOW God, we need to have an interest in Him and we need to spend time with Him, which basically means to LOVE Him, to have that intimate relationship with Him. Once we get that part down, obedience to His LAW is something that will follow through in our actions. Let’s also not forget that the very same law of God talks about the love we should have for mankind.

Below is a pictorial illustration of the concept I just described. new2

When we really love a person, we will do everything possible to make sure that we please that person and let the person know of our love through our actions, which also means that we love our annoying brothers, crazy sisters, ungrateful friends including those strange people whom we just can’t stand (or) don’t like for some silly reasons.

My dear friends Jesus Christ will acknowledge you KNOWING Him & YOU loving Him only through your actions (the 10 commandments) for HIM and for HIS WORLD.

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