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Lesson 4: The Water of Life

It was hot.  It was mid-day.  No one would dare come all the way out to Jacob’s well to draw water in the burning sun.  But she didn’t have a choice.  She would rather bear the heat of the sun than the venomous heat from people.  Yea, she messed up.  She repeatedly found love at the wrong places.  But how long is she supposed to go on like this? It would have been just another day if not for that stranger at the well.  He was certainly defeating the purpose of coming out to the well at noon.  He was intruding her privacy.  Boy, was she glad He did!  He offered her an imagery that was so simple and yet so profound.  Ubiquitous as the water in her bucket and yet deeper than Jacob’s well.  Living water.

Nothing theological about it.  Just living water.  She knew what it meant.  Living water was a term used for running water as in a stream or a river.  She must have looked around.  No streams around.  Ofcourse she knew that.  What is He talking about? “Sir, you dont even have a bucket to get water from this well.  How are you going to get me living water?” Ah, she took it literally.  Its alright.  Its a start.  You dont have to figure it all the first time around.  Then it gets interesting.  He claims that this living water tricks your baroreceptors and vasopressin receptor systems in your body that you wont feel thirsty ever again.  Sounds like a good deal.  No more mid-day trips to the well sure  sounds good.  Again taken literally. Its time to get to the point.

“Bring your husband”….the Living Water has hit her core.  The Living Water was sitting right in front of her.  It has transformed and cleansed her life of sin.  Quenched her of all her thirst and she thirst no more.  Now she gets it.  Do you?

Imageries…how would we understand things without them!  It was water, the thing that we take for granted all the time.  Because it was water the woman understood salvation that day.  We know water. We know what thirst is.  A child knows what to do when she is thirsty.  Grab that colorless, tasteless thing and drink.  Simple.  The two thousand year old imagery is still relevant.  We are still thirsty.  What are you thirsty for? How long and how hard have to tried to quench that thirst? Dont forget….the Living Water that quenched the thirst of the woman at the well is still available.  Take, drink and be satisfied forever.  Simple.      

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  • Prakash said:

    Hi Sylvester,
    I was so happy to read this article. It would help my students during the worship time. I am going to share it soon. May God bless your ministry.


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