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Lesson 3: Worship & Dedication


As Christians, our sole role & responsibility is to worship the one & only Almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by dedicating our lives for His glory and honor. I know…..we all have heard this line time and time again either at our church services, our youth camp outs, our family worship times (or) sometimes from the small still voice that whispers in our ears once in a while. I can definitely say that I didn’t have any problem writing the first line above, atleast after being a Christian for quite sometime now. But the question to be asked to ourselves is – “Are we practicing the line that we write and hear so often as Christians in our day to day lives?”

The Israelites who were rescued from the bondage of the Egyptians, surely knew (or) atleast were instructed and taught about their responsibility and allegiance to the sovereign God who saved them and promised them a new life filled with happiness. God knew that humans are weak people and in order to help them and remind them about His love and His plan to save them from eternal death, He instituted the Sanctuary services. Every detail about the Sanctuary & the services involved were object lessons, describing the importance of worship & dedication to God. It was designed and meant to be followed a specific way in order to help the Israelites to remember and remain faithful to the Almighty God.

The Altar dedication can teach us 2 things that we need to pay attention to and something that we can relate to our practical day to day life:

a) The people spent 12 days (One day at a time) of dedicating their time & resources by bringing offerings to the Altar – This signifies the importance of the time we need to be spending with God & the talents we need to be using to glorify Him (Numbers 7:11-88)

b) After the 12 days, Moses went in and the Lord God spoke to Him – This signifies that the Lord will for sure honor & bless our sincere efforts of building a healthy relationship with Him. (Numbers 7:89)

The Light in the Sanctuary represented the fact that, God was always there to guide and protect the Israelites. As long as they had their eyes and spirits fixed upon that light, they were rest assured about God’s Holy presence being with them. It also reminded them about all the times that God had led them thus far in their lives, irrespective of the kind of problems they had to go through. Likewise as Christians, we need to take time to focus on God’s light that has always guided us through the wildest & toughest parts in our lives. When we stay focused on the things that God has done for us in the past, it will help us to understand better the love that He has for us.

Last part of this topic is about the dedication of the Levites. If you read Numbers 8, there are a lot of things that they go through in order to make sure that, they are ready to serve the Lord. We can talk all day long about every single act that the Levites were expected to do, but the ultimate bottom line behind the whole process is to help us understand as to how important it is, for us as Christians to realize our purpose in life and to fulfill it for the honor & glory of God. (Providing some basic needs of that homeless man on the street, helping your parents & siblings with those home chores, forgiving those painful hurts caused by your friends…..)

Have you ever pondered upon the fact that, all throughout history, it is God who is always behind humans to save them, by guiding them when they need direction, protecting them when they are in trouble, providing alternate ways to overcome temptation…honestly…for me personally it seems that God has always and is still going way out of His way to help us, Obviously that’s because He loves us abundantly.

If you agree with me in regards to God going out of His way to help us and if you truly love Him (or) you are in the process to getting to love Him, It’s time to reevaluate your life and ask yourself..

What am I doing today to show God that I worship Him alone (Not TV shows, movies, models, profession, relationships…)

Am I dedicating all that I have (Time, Resources and Strength) for His gospel to be spread in this world?

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