Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 3: Spiritual Gifts & Prophecy

Most of the children expect this,

Some teens love this,

Quite a few adults cherish this,

That ‘this’ is a GIFT.


Gifts come in various forms, sizes and even in different types. But for Christians I would assume that we all are blessed by one special gift of God – “His only son Jesus Christ”. Now that is one of the greatest gifts we can ever have, knowing that we all are sinners.

The whole concept of humans receiving gifts did not stop at the cross, for it was there where it had just begun. When Jesus left this world, He promised us another remarkable gift and that was the gift of the ‘Holy Spirit’, for which I personally am so thankful and I am sure all of you reading this would agree too. Jesus in addition to the gift of the Holy Spirit also promised to give us various other spiritual gifts like mentioned in the Holy word of God – “And He gave some, apostles; and some prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;”Ephesians 4:11. Prophecy is one of the other main gift that comes under the blessings of God. Each and every one of us is blessed with a very unique kind of gift that can be categorized under some of the ones mentioned earlier. Well so that brings to our attention the very first lesson which is God intended for all of us to have spiritual gifts”

The next lesson I would like to bring to light is that, the disciples were able to use their spiritual gifts effectively only because they understood the purpose of God giving them the gifts which is clearly mentioned in the Bible, “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ”. Ephesians 4:12. Also, the disciples were whole heartedly willing to commit their lives to Jesus and let Him lead and guide them in the right path. So asking for spiritual gifts is one thing, but understanding the purpose of the gifts blessed by God, willing to commit our lives fully to Jesus Christ and doing our part is the key to dynamic outcomes of our spiritual gifts.

The final lesson for this week is to be aware of satan – the roaring lion who is waiting to devour us. The word of God also speaks about the devil’s agents who will try to attract and deceive us with counterfeit spiritual gifts and with false prophecies. The way to test and make sure that we don’t get carried away by those kinds of things, is to put to test every action of the person performing such acts with the word of God. Well that is one part of the danger, but the other side of this danger is to be lazy and not do anything with the spiritual gifts that God has blessed us with.

Sometimes it is so very easy to say – “I don’t think I am good enough to do this for You God, there are a lot of other talented people out there, who can do better than me”. My dear friends, let us not forget that all through the pages of history, God did not always choose the best, He always chose the humble ones who were willing to give their time, their resources and their life for Him. It was those kinds of individuals who became the best for God.

Satan will try to fool you and me easily by telling us that – our tiny little bit of contribution is not going to make a whole lot of difference. In response to that kind of statements made by the devil, all that we can say or remind ourselves is just one simple question – “Did God use a humongous bolder to take goliath down? NO – Just a tiny pebble

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