Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 2: The Prophetic Gift

Who Am I
I pimped my wife cuz I was scared
I pimped her again cuz I forgot what God did the first time
I had sexual relations with an Egyptian intern
I was a prophet
(Gen 20:7)

Who Am I
I was an opinionated, advice giving sister who could sing and knew it
I was biased against my younger brother’s wife
I was racist
I had leprosy
I was a prophetess
(Exod. 15:20 – 21)

Who Am I
I was spoilt as a kid
I killed a guy
I then ran away to a non extradition country to avoid prosecution
I was a prophet
(Deut. 34:10)

Who Am I
I spoke my mind
I had an aversion to clothes
I ate bugs
I was d greatest prophet
(Matt. 11:11)

No seminary on this planet would admit Abraham, Miriam, Moses and John the Baptist based on their resumes but somehow under the tutelage of the Spirit they became spokespeople for the Almighty.

What is the Prophetic Gift?
How would you define a Prophet?
How can you identify a genuine Prophet?

The questions keep on coming yet the answers seem illusive

The Prophetic Gift is not given to all but to those that are chosen much is required. To be the spokesperson for the Almighty doesn’t win you favor with those in political power. You don’t win any friends by revealing the evil in man’s heart. As you can see above, God chose ordinary people, in the second letter to the church in Corinth in the 4th chapter Paul lets us know that we have this message in unadorned clay pots so that the world will see the extraordinary power of God at work in us.

Being a prophet is more than being a witness, pastor, evangelist or an apostle. I’m not going to sit here and give you the dictionary definition of what a prophet is that would trivialize this whole quarter but I’ll leave you with this.

The reality, the brutal reality is that we are so concerned with fitting God into our lives; we are so concerned with compartmentalizing our spirituality just like we do every aspect of our lives that prophets don’t fit into our way of life. They speak for God who is not bound by time, space, genes, or blood cells so trying to fit their message into a sermon or best seller book is impossible.

I’ll stop.

One more thing, God uses prophets to break down the walls of the box we put Him in so get ready to become uncomfortable.

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