Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 2: The Fruit of the Spirit is Love

This is boring. We all know what love is, it is Valentine’s Day and chocolates. It’s Rose on the Titanic loving Jack so much to push his frozen body into the sin and leaving a life of riches behind. It is Scarlett and Rhett Butler’s love saga in Gone with the wind. It is on every teeny bopper show and every soap opera. Or is it?

What is Love?

Love is blood flowing out of hands nailed to a cross.
Love sacrifices
Love is dancing for a friend when you are internally crying for yourself
Love hurts
Love is staying up all night praying for your spouse instead of watching a movie
Love perseveres

To summarize love in one word my choice would be PAIN.

Love is pain because it requires us to do that which is not in our nature to do and that is to be selfless.

What is love to you?

In this week lesson

On Sunday, love is multidimensional: It demands your heart(emotions), your soul (each breathe you take), and your mind(each thought and every decision) to be tuned in to God.

On Monday, love shows up: In truth, kindness, preservation and in long suffering. Love is all of this. It’s the cake, not just the flour or the eggs, it includes all of these ingredients. You can’t pick and choose which part you will live out. It is all or nothing.

Love is non-negotiable.

“You can’t argue against love; it’s the most powerful force in all of creation. People can agrue against your theology, your lifestyle, your belief, your faith – everything.”1

Do you exemplify this love that cannot be reasoned or explained away?

On Tuesday, love is absent: Because envy, pride, conceit, self-absorption, manipulation, deceitfulness moved in. To piggy back on Monday’s lesson and stretch the analogy a lil’ bit further. Love is the cake, a cake without eggs isn’t the same and when you substitute sugar with salt, the cake isn’t the same. So it is with love, when you substitute humility with pride, love ceases to exist.

On Wednesday, love is a litmus test: Friends are easy to protect but enemies help us to realize that we can’t do this without Christ. We called to a higher level of sacrifice, which demands us to love those we can’t stand.

On Thursday, love is action: Shown  in the story of the Good Samaritan told by Doctor Luke.

Ask yourself

Who is your neighbor and does he know you exist?
Why does Jesus portray the church (Levis and Priests) as the bad guys?

Love isn’t a discussion but action, it isn’t founded in committees or debated by theologians it needs to be seen each day in you and me. The doctrine is not love, your knowledge of the state of the dead isn’t love, your ability to recite scripture isn’t love. Your actions whisper or scream or shout your true feelings.

On Friday, love is forgiveness: Forgiving the undeserving like Stephen did when he was stoned to death. Love is radiating Christ, not using Christ to elevate ourselves. Love is reflecting Christ, making the invisible God visible to a dying world.

On Sabbath, love is ______________________

You fill in the gaps, it’s tomorrow.

1 Adult Sabbath School Quarterly