Messages from Young Adults

Lesson 2: Preparing a People

Some day I’d like to return Madrid, Spain.  I really would.  But right now, right now it’s no where in sight.  So, I’m not making any plans.  I’m not scoping out ticket prices.  I’m not figuring out where I’m going to stay.  No bags are being packed.  I wonder if this lesson resonates with the above unactivated desire to make a trip.  Lesson 2 asked us to consider the mental and physical preparations that are required to entire God’s kingdom.

It seems to me, we can make far more preparations for the small trips to the grocery store.  We make lists, maybe even compare prices, and clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper.  But like a dream vacation, planning for the ultimate trip to Heaven is currently on hold.  We fill our time ironing and pressing out plans for next Sabbath, and forget about how much effort and cleaning up we need to do before considering ourselves true passengers headed to an eternal destination.  No wonder when we experience a little turbulence, we find our world collapsing as we come crashing back to reality without a parachute.

What is it that’s standing in your way today? What do you need to mentally prepare? What does it mean to be physically prepared? As we rewind to Lesson 2, join me in pondering pending preparations.

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