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Lesson 2: Faith

As most of you will probably see, I haven’t written for the site in a while. I could sit here and blame it on work or school, I could sit here and blame it on others besides myself, but in all truthfulness, I would be lying. The very topic this lesson addresses is the same reason for which I have long been out of commission, so to speak.

The most interesting part of this is that when I had finally come back to my senses; when I had made peace with God, the verse I read is the exact verse that this lesson just happens to open with. Amazing!

In my mind, faith is probably one of the most difficult – if not the most difficult – concepts to wrap my head around. We’ve all heard that faith isn’t an idea; it’s an action, a lifestyle. Then again, words are words; and words were never much use against a life that demands results.

The lesson briefly introduces the topic of rock climbing in order to make a comparison. Well, I, too, have had many an opportunity to rock climb and I relish the chance when it passes through. I can relate to the purpose of the rope. I can also relate to life being the climb, where God is my rope. I realize that trying to climb out of my own strength is pointless, because at some point the fatigue sets in, the lactic acid builds up more and more, and the strength I once thought I had in abundance, starts to wane – my limbs buckle under the pressure. At some point, my finiteness takes over and I’ve done all but secured myself. In my own life, I’ve tried to climb of my own strength, only to fail, fall and try again. Of course, while climbing, I’ve seen others surpass me, ascending ever upward with such ease – all because of a rope. So after the umpteenth time, maybe it’s time to do it His way.

Being able to trust in a presence that cannot verily be defined by any knowledge we possess is a little daunting. While it’s easy to compare God to a rope, it isn’t as easy to grab a rope we cannot see or touch, despite being told that it’s there. I suppose faith is moving past the fact that we cannot see or touch, and relying on what we conceive as impossible. I suppose our faith in God should not be viewed as a means toward an end – something we do just to gain answers. Rather, faith is living life as Jesus lived his – a need to depend upon the Father. Faith isn’t an option.

We don’t believe blindly however. The Word has been given to us as recognition of the hope that we believe in. The “Rope” has always been there – It was there in the form of a pillar of cloud leading the Israelites out of captivity. It was there in the form of the God-man, Jesus, in order to save us from ourselves; and He, is here today in the form of His Word and the essence of the Holy Spirit, ready to finish the work He began in us.

Some may call this coincidence, happenstance, perhaps even chance. I choose to believe in the rope. Not only do I choose to believe in the rope, I choose to step off this platform of self, take the rope in my hands, and hold on to it for dear life. Where the rope leads, I do not know. For the first time in my life, I don’t have to.

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