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Lesson 2: Caleb – Living with the Wait

We all are familiar with successful people in and around our lives. Most often we tend to focus on the areas of which they are successful and very little do we pay attention to the attributes that helped them to pave their way to success.

Enoch who was taken up to Heaven, David known for slaying the giant Goliath, Noah who built the great ark, Daniel who survived in the lions’ den, John the Revelatorcaleb who survived every kind of affliction, etc. so on and so forth. The Bible is filled with successful men & women and we all have always been fascinated by these great people.

But have we ever paid attention to the detailed attributes that these men & women possessed that led them to their successes?

This lesson is about one such great man named Caleb. I would like to call him the invisibly visible man, for his qualities of continual display of faith, courage, leadership and generosity even when no one paid attention to him. These kind of characteristics prepared him for great times such as mentioned in the Bible and we are going to be focusing on few of them to help us understand the secret of being as successful as Caleb, not to blow our own horns, but for the honor and glory of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

On that note….the very first attribute of Caleb was:

1) Characteristic – Optimistic Confidence (Spiritual Attribute – Total Faith in God):

Regardless of the negative factors that were found in the Promised Land, Caleb chose to focus on the past experiences of God’s leadership and the faith that he would have in God to help them settle in the Promised Land. He even asked for the land that was occupied by the toughest giants…because he knew that with God…All things were possible.

Too often, when we see literal facts that can impact our personal walk with Jesus, we start flipping out and that’s exactly what the Israelites did. But Caleb focused on the past as to how God led them and was confident that…he and others could and would survive.

Question for yourself….Have you taken time to reminisce the past leadership of God in your life amidst those tough times; you thought you were never going to get through?

2) Characteristic – Endurance (Spiritual Attribute – Longsuffering/Patience)

As a result of the research about the Promised Land and eventual rebellion against Moses & Joshua, the Israelites cursed God and decided to go back to Egypt. But Caleb continued his struggle of teaching and convincing the people of God’s providence to the very end. Even when God punished the Israelites to wander for another 40 years, Caleb still stood beside his community to be there for them with no complaints (or) regrets.

In our lives, especially as Christians..All we need is one small excuse to abandon our family (or) friends because they are not willing to listen to the truth. Yes, it is hard to put up with some nonsense…but isn’t Jesus doing the same with you?

My dear brothers & sisters, Christianity is nothing about US, but everything about OTHERS. Jesus Christ was the perfect example of that.

3) Characteristic – Generosity & Unselfishness (Spiritual Attribute – Sharing & Humility)

Caleb was focused on making sure that, his generation and the future generation understood the concept of sharing the best of what God has blessed them with. Caleb always worked in the realms of God’s providence, even if it was against the norms and culture of that generation. He was never prideful of who he was (or) what he possessed Caleb was always on the lookout for sharing and teaching what he had with others.

Sometimes, we get caught up with the talents and gifts we get from God and focus very little on sharing (or) even teaching what we know to others who are interested in learning something new to glorify God. Likewise, We want God to forgive us and when it comes to us forgiving others….there is always a big BUT. Time to think about it.

I would like to bring to your attention a very inspiring quote that is near and dear to my heart… a quote that I believe can tie back to Caleb based on all we have learnt today..

The greatest want of the world is the want of men—men who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men who do not fear to call sin by its right name, men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.
, p. 57, (Ellen G White)

It doesn’t matter, if you are unrecognized for your skills,

It doesn’t matter, if you are ignored for your beliefs,

All that matters as a Christian is to have faith in your Savior Jesus Christ regardless of how crazy life treats you and do everything you can to glorify God..just like Caleb did, for that my friends will make you a successful person for God’s glory.

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