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Lesson 13: Mission

The word MISSION means a lot of different things such as a) the act or an instance of sending, b) a body of persons sent to perform a service or carry on an activity, c) a specific task with which a person or a group is charged (All the meanings were taken from Webster dictionary) etc.

But as a Christian, what does the word Mission imply to us?

We Christians like the thrills, the excitement, the adrenaline rush when it comes to listening to some great witnesses, an excellent mind blowing sermon, a remarkable journey of someone coming to Christ etc. etc……but if you really pause for a moment and think about it…..all those things are definitely God’s amazing blessings…but they were all the experiences of others being shared to us. We sometimes (or) most of the time like to be the receivers more than the givers. We like to be passive, rather than being active when it comes to God’s work.

The word mission by itself, negates the concept of being on the receiving end, but rather emphasizes on the duty and responsibility that each and everyone of us have as God’s chosen ones.

We all need to realize and understand that,  Jesus Christ specifically chose us to fulfill His mission of spreading the gospel message to the whole world.

Most of the time, we feel like we are not the  most talented people, nor capable enough to do anything for God. My dear brothers and sisters, neither were the disciples when they accepted the call. It was only in the latter part of their lives, that their faith in Jesus helped them become the people who enlightened this world with Jesus Christ’s love. It’s not the provision that we need to worry about in regards to our mission for God, It’s the decision we need to focus on. Once we decide to take on the mission of being God’s messengers, God will give us the wisdom and strength to complete the mission.

If we come across something really exciting or found a good deal , let’s say…on that Wii gaming console(For Guys) or a pair of nice shoes(For girls)….we will send a text message on the cell phone, leave a comment on facebook, send a quick email, we will find all sorts of ways to make sure that,  the good news is being shared with our friends and family members.

Are we excited the same way to share God’s love and His message to our friends and family members? ( Write down only 5 things you are doing to share God’s love to your loved ones and practice them daily)

We also make sure that the deal on those specific products are not a scam, before we send it over to our loved ones.

Likewise, our message that we share has to be rooted in God’s word and we have to be careful of not being carried away by false teachings or doctrines. We should spend more time through personal bible study and private prayers to understand God’s word and seek His blessings to be effective missionaries.

My dear friends…..this world is our Mission Field and every day as we step into it, we have a mission and that is to share the love of Jesus Christ and the good news of His second coming to everyone, regardless of their age, color, sex, race, ethnicity etc.

Let our mission be – “God’s Word of Love for God’s own world”

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