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Lesson 13: Confidence in the Prophetic Gift

“uninspired,” he said.  That’s the reason I find myself discussing this week’s lesson.  The original author assigned to post Lesson13 didn’t end up doing so, and our backup after studying the lesson found himself in a position I now can empathize with.  I started writing late last night and quickly had to click the “Save Draft” button and apply the pray & sleep method.  When I first woke up earlier this morning – still nothing.

A couple hours later I retraced the words in the email I received and landed on the adjective “uninspired.”  For the last 3 months, we’ve talked about what it means to be inspired by God through the prophetic gift.

Today, I finally felt that urge some writers get when the faucet of thoughts seems to flow – you have to quickly grab a bucket and start catching every word on paper.  Is that inspiration? Divine inspiration?

I have a friend who wrote a beautiful “letter from God” and then later performed it live.  The youtube link has spread and is touching people in a powerful way. Is that inspiration? Divine inspiration?

What does the prophetic gift look like in 2009?

Does it even matter?  This week’s lesson seemed to harp on the point that we need to be grounded in the Bible and the Bible alone need be our guide.  There seems to be this recurring hierarchy this quarter where we have:

the Bible

prophetic gift (e.g. EGW)

every other christian author

Anything beneath the top level ought not be an “ultimate authority” even though the ultimate source of the message could be, rather is . . . from God.  I’ve read your responses to an earlier post of mine this quarter, and though I’m still not settled on this issue – I’ll leave it be for today.

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, this quarter I’m not left with a confident understanding of how this prophetic gift thing works.  If you haven’t already read the final lesson of this quarter stop now, and please do so. Click here to read SS lesson.

For us to have what the lesson title for this week suggests “Confidence…” it seems we should be able to recognize this mysterious gift in our present day.  If the messages delivered by prophets of old were so critical and so deep, then should God choose to deliver another – we need to be listening. We need to have the ability to quickly run the verification process to see that it lines up with scripture.  But first, we need to understand what weight if any we ought to give to the substance of manifestations of the prophetic gift.

I walk away from this quarter wondering what benefit it is to be well versed in EGW writings if it’s true she has no authority to speak on the grey areas of doctrinal questions.

My prayer is that though many questions have arisen in Sabbath School classes across the globe on this topic, we will not walk away from this quarter and leave this issue unsettled.  Don’t tuck your quarterly away and lay this study to rest.  If there’s anything that would make the devil happier, it’s us not knowing how to recognize the voice of God above all the excess clatter.

Questions to ponder from Friday’s discussion points:

What have you learned this quarter that helps you better understand the role of the Spirit of Prophecy?

What positions have you had to change?

What new insights have you gained?

What questions still remain?

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  • Regie said:

    I agree that this lesson has left many with more questions than answers. I think the real reason for that is because we are talking about Ellen White. Granted, it is a tough issue to discuss because there are so many varying and distinc viewpoints. One thing I would suggest to those really questioning this whole “Mrs. White thing”. Read a book of hers. Don’t read it looking for something to pounce upon or something to criticize. Read it as you would any other book by Max Lucado or C.S. Lewis. I am confident you will be blessed.

    I suggest starting with a book like Steps to Christ. My favorite book of hers is Christ Object Lessons because I love parables and in this book she goes through many of them step by step. She does have many “piercing” things to say that will truly convict you but she also has so much encouragement and a grand picture of God’s love throughout her writings. Please do not let what you have heard about her stop you from reading it yourself.

    So what’s the benefit? A greater understanding of God’s love, his sacrifice, and a richer meaning when it comes to living life day to day.

  • Kemi said:

    wish i could sound optimistic
    but what i learned this quarter is

    i’m still thinking
    which is wierd cuz i’ve blogged about it and taught sabbath school at least 3 times this quarter

    i’m still thinking
    i mean i didn’t learn anything new

    but i was reminded about some stuff

    does that count


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