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Lesson 12: Love and Law

Coexistence of Law and Love

When I think of Love, what comes to my mind first is a song sang by one country musician Reba McEntire-Keep on Loving you! Listen to that song and you will not know what true love is all about. Besides what true love is all about, this week we are going to learn about Love and Law and how these two work together.

Have you ever been caught cheating or doing something that you were not supposed to do? How did the other person take it? Was it something that would have made you regret for the rest of your life but out of love, you were forgiven? That’s what we call unconditional love and Jesus had lots of it.

John 8:4 gives us an example of a woman who was caught in adultery, according to the Law of Moses; he had commanded them to stone her to death. When Jesus saw this, he asked them that whosoever had not sinned should be the first one to stone her and when they were left he told her to sin no more. What greater love than this one shown by Jesus?

She knew very well that such actions would cost her her life, she still did anyway. Death was not given to her, why? Because of the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ who has unfailing love for humanity. She was relieved from her sin and as a result, she will remember to walk in the light and love of Jesus Christ always.

How many times are we faced with such kind of challenges? We sin against God everyday but out of his love and mercy, our sins are forgiven. It is like a mother or a father to a child who will forgive his son/daughter countless number of times for the wrongdoings that they have done just because of the love they have for them.

In a world full of sin and a tendency for us to commit evil, how do we let Christ work in us? We only love ourselves and the love we show other people is nothing but false love. Romans 12:1 states that we should hate what is evil and cling to what is good so as to keep their spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. How can we do this?

Love and Law are connected and everyday of our life, we hear about love. Does this love make us do crazy and great things at the same time? You can be sitting down and watching Television for a few minutes and the things that you will see will not only break your heart but will make you question whether what someone did was out of love or hate. If we have the love that Jesus gave us, we might not have the law that punishes those who do something to others just under the notion of love.

There is a saying that goes, if you love something or someone then set it free. What does that really mean? Can we be able to walk in love and at the same time love the law? Romans 13:10 ‘The law of God, from its very nature, is unchangeable. It is a revelation of the will and the character of its Author. God is love, and his law is love. Its two great principles are love to God and love to man. Love is the fulfilling of the Law’.

If we can take these two great principles and walk in them, then for sure we are keeping Gods Law. As Christians, we are asked to love God and man. How do we love man? By sharing our life with others, serving the community and submitting to authorities.

They once said that love can move mountains. If we can have this type of Love then I don’t think we would have all these problems that we have. Look at the youths in Mumbai stricken by poverty, or the war in Darfur where women and children are suffering. Why? Because we lack that greater love that God talks about everyday.

We should learn to love and in so doing, we would not only be keeping God’s law but also the laws of the world. So many things that happen today would come to a stop if we can just learn to love even for a day.

As we come to the conclusion of this week’s lesson, I will urge all of you to please learn to love as Jesus loved and learn to forgive. Walk in God’s law and remember to always do that which is right. Let us not love with Hypocrisy but love with all our heart and love as if you will die tomorrow. Let us put these two great principles of Love of God and Love of man into action and we would have less of these problems that we face everyday, whether it is problems with the law or problems with our family members and friends.

Have a blessed Sabbath and I love you all!

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