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Lesson 12: Connected by Love and encouraged in the Journey

Each and everyone of us has the priviledge to become a part of God’s family. This weeks lesson guide teaches us how we are connected by love as christians.We might be far away from each other but as long as we are connected by love, we are always one in the Lord. We all know of how Apostle Paul prayed for the church by encouraging them to stay “united in love” Col 2;2

When this site was started, its main intention was to unite young adults around the world through communication so that each and every time one posts a message, we all can get it at the same time. This is what has helped us be united in Christ by learning from other young adults around the world who have similar beliefs and convictions.

When God created us,he knew that we would be far away from each other but as long as we are united in love as a church then the journey seems not far away.The teacher of this week lesson guide tells us of his family whom he lives far away from and how they are connected by love. Thats how christians should be connected so that we can share our joys, sorrows and pains with one another who will later give us encouragement to deal with every situation that comes our way.

Just as the Lord is the head of the Church so should we be connected with christ all the time. 1st Corinthians 12.And with the help of the holy spirit,we can do our best to maintain the unity of the body.

The most important thing we learn from this weeks lesson is Gods invitation to us all to remain united and commited to the course he started.We should also not forget of Jesus second coming to reunite all of us as a family whose members reside everywhere in the world.

As we continue to encourage young adults around the world to continue living in the world and being united in christ through love,so should we always remember that as christians,we are connected by love and if this connection does exist, then the journey we arein will always seem nearer than we think.

Have a blessed sabbath and a great week everyone and remember to stay connected in love with everyone who calls upon the lord.

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